Native American Dog Names, Page 6

PetuniaType of flowerFemaleEnglish
PolomaBowFemaleNative American
PowaWellnessMaleNative American
QuanahGood smellingUnisexNative American
RozeneRose blossomFemaleNative American
SahaleBeyondMaleNative American
SahkyoMinkFemaleNative American
SalaliSquirrelFemaleNative American
SequoiaLarge TreeFemaleNative American
ShadaFragrant smell, aromaticFemaleArabic
ShamanHoly ManMaleNative American
ShastaName of a Native American tribeFemaleNative American
ShawneeTribal nameFemaleNative American
SkahWhiteMaleNative American
SnanaJingleFemaleNative American
SoyalaWinter solsticeFemaleNative American
TadiWindMaleNative American
TahoeEdge of the lakeUnisexNative American
TainiNew moonFemaleNative American
TaipaFlying quailFemaleNative American
TakalaCorn tasselFemaleNative American
TakodaThe alliesFemaleNative American
TalaChrist's birthdayFemaleItalian
TalasiPollenFemaleNative American
TallulahAbundance, lady, princessFemaleGaelic

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