Native American Dog Names, Page 4

KokoThe second childFemaleAfrican
KotaThe alliesUnisexNative American
LenBrave lionMaleGerman
LonatoFlint stoneMaleNative American
LuyuOne who is a head shakerFemaleNative American
MagenaThe moon will comeFemaleNative American
MaiOcean or eleganceFemaleChinese
MakyaLover of the chaseUnisexNative American
MaliaUncertain, maybe bitterFemaleHebrew
MalilaSalmon, rushing upstreamFemaleNative American
MancoFoundationMaleNative American
MansiPaintbrush from indiansFemaleNative American
MaralahGiven life during an earthquakeFemaleNative American
MiginaMoon that will come againFemaleNative American
MikaBeautiful smellFemaleJapanese
MikasiCoyoteMaleNative American
MinganDark wolfMaleNative American
MinowaVoice that movesFemaleNative American
MinyaThe older sisterFemaleNative American
MisuRippling watersUnisexNative American
MitenaGiven life at new moonFemaleNative American
MitsuBearUnisexNative American
MolimoBear that went in the shade under a treeMaleNative American
MonaLittle noble oneFemaleGaelic
MotegaArrow that's newMaleNative American
NadieAlgonquin Name Meaning "Wise."FemaleEnglish

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