Native American Indian Dog Names: 38 Sioux Girl Names

The Sioux are a Native American tribe and First Nations band government in North America. The Sioux comprise three major divisions based on Siouan dialect and subculture: the Santee, the Yankton-Yanktonai, and the Lakota. If you are looking for some Native American Indian dog names, check out this collection of Sioux girl names for your female dogs.

Alowa: Prayer song.

Alowana: Prayer song.
Anpona: Experiencing the sunrise.
Chante: Heart.
Chimaka: Of the Mother Earth.
Dakota: Friends; alliance.
Ichante: From the heart.
Iyanke: Runs above.
Kaya: Turtle woman.
Kayaweta: Turtle island.
Kayawi: Turtle woman.
Keya: Turtle.
Kiya: To fly.
Kolaki: Friendship.
Lakota: Friends; tribal name.
Lutawin: Red-Dawn woman.
Mahpiya: Sky; heaven.
Manisa: The walker.
Michante: My heart.
Mimala: Holy circle woman.
Mineola: Much water.
Nakota: Friend; ally.
Nawaji: Stands firm.
Olowa: Song.
Pejuta: Medicine.
Sesapa: Black hills.

Tashina: A blanket shawl.
Tika: Flower.
Tiwaka: Holy lodge woman.
Wakiya: Little thunder.
Waluta: Red dawn.
Wicaka: Tells the truth.
Wiconi: Life.
Wihopa: Astonishing woman.
Wiyaka: Reviving ancient customs.
Zannika: Healthy person.
Zintkala: Bird.
Zuya: Warrior woman.

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