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Hawaiian Dog NamesEverything is bright and beautiful about Hawaii, be it the surf, the beaches or the delicious food. Choosing a Hawaiian dog name is a good idea to would keep the memories of the vacation fresh and beautiful. Hawaiian dog names are naturally given to puppies that live in Hawaii. These names may be tricky to pronounce, but there are some shorter names that will roll off the tongue. Check out the Hawaiian dog names below at idognames.com.

AilaniHigh ChiefFemaleEnglish
Alamea"Ripe; Precious."FemaleEnglish
AlaulaLight of early dawnFemaleHawaiian
AlikaDefending menFemaleGreek
AnaniOrange TreeFemaleHawaiian
AolaniHeavenly cloudFemaleHawaiian
BaneLong-Awaited ChildMaleEnglish
HaimiThe SeekerFemaleHawaiian
IpoSweetheart, belovedFemaleHawaiian
KahokuThe starMaleHawaiian
KailaWho is like God?FemaleHebrew
KailaniThe sea and the skyFemaleHawaiian
KaimiThe SeekerFemaleEnglish
KaipoThe sweetheartMaleHawaiian
KalaThe fine artsFemaleSanskrit
KalamaThe torch, the light, the lampFemaleHawaiian
KalaniThe heavenUnisexHawaiian
KaleUncertain, perhaps slenderMaleGaelic

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