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Indian Dog Names
Hindi is the main language in India and is spoken by over 400 million people, there are a lot of great dog names from Indian. If you think it is cool or you just like Indian names for your dogs, then check out this Indian dog names list. Many great names in Hindi have several syllables and they are not appropriate for a dog, so we do not have lots of alternative names.

AdhiraRestless, impatientFemaleIndian
AhanuHe is laughingMaleNative American
AjatashatruWith no enemiesMaleIndian
AjitabhConquerer of the skyMaleIndian
AlaganGood lookingMaleIndian
AlishaProtected by godFemaleIndian
AlokCry of triumphMaleIndian
AmitolaArc of spectral colorsFemaleNative American
AnishThe ultimateMaleIndian
AnshumanCenter of planetary systemMaleIndian
AnyaFavor, graceFemaleRussian
AravCalm, peacefulMaleIndian
AshokNot causing sorrowMaleSanskrit

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