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NikunjGarden or summer houseMaleIndian
NimaiFilled with lightMaleIndian
NimeshInside viewer, winkMaleIndian
NimmiSparkling eyesFemaleIndian
NirajPrecious gemMaleIndian
NiramitraPandava sahadeva's sonMaleIndian
NiravStill, calmMaleIndian
NishadA noteMaleIndian
NishthaHighest abodeFemaleSanskrit
NitaraWith deep rootsFemaleIndian
NiveditaDedicated to GodFemaleIndian
NiyatiChance, fate, wealthFemaleIndian
OdakotaSioux Name Meaning " Friend."MaleEnglish
PadmakarA pack of lotusesMaleIndian
PakunaDeer that bounds and runsFemaleNative American
PallavFrontier, leaveMaleIndian
PankitaClayish, sludgyFemaleIndian
ParagPerfumed powderMaleIndian
ParasJewel of a wise manMaleIndian
ParthWarrior princeMaleIndian
PauraviRegion of indiaFemaleIndian
PhoolanName of a flowerFemaleIndian
PiyaliWooden plant with main trunkFemaleIndian
PiyushDrink of the godsMaleIndian

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