Native American Indian Dog Names: Navajo Names

The Navajo or Navaho of the Southwestern United States are the largest federally recognized tribe in the United States. The Navajo language is spoken throughout the region with most Navajo speaking English as well. Check out the below list for Native American Indian Navajo dog names inspired by Navajo baby names.

Navajo Female Dog Names

Ajei: My heart.

Awee: Baby.
Asdza: Woman.
Chooli: Mountain.
Dezba: War.
Dibe: Lamb.
Doba: There was no war.
Doli: Blue bird.
Haseya: She Rises.
Haloke: Salmon.
Kai: Willow tree.
Iina: Life.
Johona: Sunny.
Mai: Bright flower.
Manaba: Return To War.
Mosi: Cat.
Nascha: Owl.
Ooljee: Moon.
Sahkyo: Mink.
Tibah: Grey.
Tsintah: Among the forest.
Yanaha: Brave.

Navajo Male Dog Names

Ahiga: He Fights.

Ashkii: Boy.
Atsa: Eagle.
Atsidi: Hammer.
Bidziil: He is Strong.
Gaagii: Raven.
Gad: Juniper Tree.
Hastiin: Man.
Hokee: High backed wolf.
Kilchii: Red Boy.
Klah: Left handed.
Naalnish: He Works.
Nastas: Foxtail.
Niichaad: Swollen.
Niyol: Wind.
Sani: Old One.
Shilah: Brother.
Shiye: Son.
Sicheii: Grandfather.
Sike: He Sits At Home.
Tahoma: Water's edge.
Tse: Rock.
Tsela: Stars lying down.
Yas: Snow.
Yiska: Night Has Passed.

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