Native American Indian Dog Names: 61 Sioux Boy Names

The Sioux are a Native American tribe and First Nations band government in North America. The Sioux comprise three major divisions based on Siouan dialect and subculture: the Santee, the Yankton-Yanktonai, and the Lakota. If you are looking for some Native American Indian dog names, check out this collection of Sioux boy names for your male dogs.

Akecheta: Warrior.

Alowan: Prayer song.
Anpona: I hear the sun rising.
Anunka: Bald eagle; old.
Chankoowashtay: The good road.
Chayton: Falcon.
Cheyenne: Of a different speech.
Dakota: Friends.
Dowan: Singer.
Enapay: Enters a conflict bravely.
Han: Full moon.
Handowan: Night song.
Hotah: White.
Howahkan: Mysterious voice.
Ichante: From the heart.
Itan: The chief.
Kangee: Raven.
Keyan: Turtle.
Kohana: Swift.
Kola: Friend; ally.
Lakota: Friends.
Lootah: Red.
Mahkah: Earth.
Mahpee: Sky.
Mato: Bear.
Matoskah: White bear.
Michante: My heart.
Nakota: Friend; ally.
Napayshni: Does not flee; courageous.
Odakota: Friendly.
Ogaleesha: Red shirt.
Ohanzee: Shadow; comforting.
Ohitekah: Brave.
Olowan: Song.
Otaktay: Kills or strikes many.
Oyate: Tribe; nation.
Paytah: Free.
Skah: White.
Sunkwa: Thunder horse.

Takoda: Friend to them all.
Tate: The wind.
Tawachi: Mind.
Teetonka: Big lodge.
Tika: Brave one.
Wahchinksapa: Wise; clearheaded.
Wahchintonka: Patient.
Wahkan: Sacred.
Wahkoowah: Charging.
Wakiza: Desperate fighter.
Waluta: Red dawn.
Wamblee: Eagle.
Wambleeska: White eagle.
Wanageeska: White spirit.
Wanahton: Charger.
Wanikiya: Savior.
Weayaya: Setting sun.
Wehinahpay: Rising sun.
Wicaka: Tells the truth.
Wiconi: Life.
Yahto: Blue.
Zuya: Warrior.

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