100 Female Native American Dog Names

If you are all or part Native American, or you just enjoy the culture, or you own a Native American puppy, you may be looking for a Native American dog name. There is a dog breed named Native American Indian dog originated in Native American.

Native American names evoke powerful images of courage and the forces of nature. We have canvased native languages from around the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, Hopi, Algonguin, Sioux and Inuit, please check out our collection of 100 female Native American dog names for you, just pick your favorite one for your beloved puppies.

Aiyana: Eternal Blossom.

Anevay: Superior.
Anna: Algonquin for Mother.
Anpaytoo: Souix for Radiant.
Aqene: Peace.
Ayasha: Cheyenne for Little One.
Ayita: Cherokee for First To Dance.
Bena: Pheasant.
Bly: Tall.
Catori: Hopi for Spirit.
Charisa: Hopi for Elk.
Chitsa: Fair.
Dakota: Souix for Friend.
Dena: Valley.
Dezba: Navajo for Goes To War.
Doba: Navajo for No War.
Doli: Navajo for Bluebird.
Dyani: Deer.
Enola: Solitary.
Etenia: Rich.
Eyota: Great.
Fala: Choctaw for Crow.
Flo: Arrow.
Halona: Of Happy Fortune.
Henna: Red.
Hinto: Dakota for Blue.
Hurit: Algonquin for Beautiful.
Huyana: Miwok for Falling Rain.
Imala: Disciplines.
Inola: Cherokee for Black Fox.
Isi: Choctaw for Deer.
Kachina: Hopi for Sacred Dancer.
Kai: Navajo for Willow Tree.
Kaliska: Miwok for Coyote Chasing Deer.
Kangee: Sioux for Raven.
Kanti: Algonquin for Sings.
Kasa: Hopi for Dressed In Furs.
Kaya: Hopi for Elder Sister.
Kele: Hopi for Sparrow.
Kimi: Algonquin for Secret.
Koko: Blackfoot for Night.
Leotie: Flower Of The Prairie.
Lulu: Hopi for Rabbit.
Luyu: Wild Dove.

Macawi: Sioux for Generous.
Magena: Moon.
Mahal: Woman.
Mai: Coyote.
Maka: Sioux for Earth.
Meda: Souix for Prophetess.
Mika: Clever Raccoon.
Mona: Gatherer Of The Seed.
Muna: Hopi for Overflowing Spring.
Nadie: Algonquin for Wise.
Nina: Strong.
Nita: Choctaw for Bear.
Nova: Hopi for Chases Butterfly.
Noya: Sand.
Nuna: Land.
Ogin: Wild Rose.
Onawa: Wide Awake.
Papina: Miwok for Vine Around A Tree.
Pati: Miwok for Break By Twisting.
Pavati: Hopi for Clear Water.
Pavita: Hopi for Clear Water.
Peta: Blackfoot for Golden Eagle.
Poloma: Choctaw for Bow.
Shadi: Navajo for Older Sister.
Shima: Navajo for Mother.
Shuman: Hopi for Rattlesnake Handler.
Sinopa: Blackfoot for Fox.
Sitala: Miwok for Of Good Memory.
Tablita: Hopi for Tiara.
Tadita: Omaha for One Who Runs.
Taini: Omaha for Returning Moon.
Takala: Hopi for Corn Tassel.
Tala: Wolf.
Tama: Thunder.
Tansy: Hopi for Name Of A Flower.
Tiponi: Hopi for Child Of Importance.
Tiva: Hopi for Dance.
Tula: Souix for New Moon.
Tuwa: Hopi for Earth.
Una: Hopi for Remember.
Urika: Omaha for Useful To All.
Wakanda: Souix for Possesses Magic.
Waneta: Charger.
Weeko: Sioux for Pretty.
Wenona: Firstborn Daughter.
Winema: Chief.
Winona: Dakota for First Born Daughter.
Wuti: Hopi for Woman.
Wyanet: Algonquin for Beautiful.
Yamka: Hopi for Blossom.
Yazhi: Navajo for Little One.
Yoki: Hopi for Rain.
Zaltana: High Mountain.
Zihna: Hopi for Spins.
Zitkala: Dakota for Bird.
Zonata: Trusted.

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