100 Male Native American Dog Names

Some people are fascinated by all things of Native American, from the clothing, beading and crafts to the Native American myths, legends and view of the universe. The various Native American languages are lyrical, and they provide a rich source of unusual names for our dogs.

Many of the Native American dog names are inspired by strong animals, for instance bears, buffalo and wolves. These animals conjure images of the animal kingdom of the Wild West and have been revered in Native American cultures. Check out our collection of 100 unique male Native American dog names.

Akando: Ambush.

Aloha: Hawaiian for Love, Hello And Goodbye.
Apisi: Blackfoot for Coyote.
Awan: Algonquin for Somebody.
Chayton: Sioux for Falcon.
Dakota: Sioux for Friend.
Delsin: He Is So.
Desna: Inuit for Boss.
Elan: Friendly.
Etu: Sun.
Fala: Choctaw for Crow.
Gad: Navajo for Juniper Tree.
Gomda: Kiowa for Crow.
Hakan: Fire.
Hania: Hopi for Spirit Warrior.
Helki: Miwok for Touch.
Hemene: Nez Perce for Wolf.
Hento: Dakota for Blue.
Hinto: Dakota for Blue.
Hokee: Navajo for Abandoned.
Honan: Miwok for Bear.
Honaw: Hopi for Bear.
Honi: Arapaho for Wolf.
Honon: Miwok for Bear.
Honovi: Hopi for Powerful Deer.
Hotah: Sioux for White.
Howi: Miwok for Turtle-Dove.
Huritt: Algonquin for Handsome.
Jacy: Moon.
Kaga: Chronicler.
Kahuna: Hawaiian for Held In High Esteem.
Kajika: Walks Without Sound.
Kangee: Sioux for Raven.
Kele: Hopi for Sparrow.
Keme: Algonquin for Thunder.
Kitchi: Algonquin for Brave.
Kiyiya: Yakima for Howling Wolf.
Koa: Hawaiian for Strong And Brave.
Kohana: Sioux for Swift.
Kono: Miwok for Unknown.
Kosumi: Miwok for Fishes With Spear.
Kotori: Hopi for Screech Owl Spirit.
Kuruk: Pawnee for Bear.
Lansa: Hopi for Lance.
Lanu: Miwok for Unknown.
Lapu: Hopi for Cedar Bark.
Len: Hopi for Flute.
Lenno: Man.

Maska: : Strong And Brave.
Masou: Myth Name.
Micco: Seminole for Chief.
Miki: Inuit for Little.
Milap: Charitable.
Mingan: Gray Wolf.
Misu: Miwok for Rippling Brook.
Miwak: Miwok for Growl Of A Bear.
Mochni: Hopi for Talking Bird.
Mojag: Never Silent.
Moki: Hopi for Deer.
Molimo: Miwok for Bear Walking Into Shade.
Momuso: Miwok for Unknown.
Motega: New Arrow.
Muraco: White Moon.
Neka: Wild Goose.
Nigan: Ahead.
Nikan: Potawatomi for Friend.
Nikiti: Round, Smooth.
Nodin: Wind.
Nokosi: Seminole for Bear.
Noshi: Algonquin for Father.
Omitaa: Blackfoot for Dog.
Paco: Eagle.
Pallaton: Warrior.
Patwin: Man.
Powwaw: Algonquin for Priest.
Sakima: King.
Sani: Navajo for Old One.
Sequoyah: Cherokee for Sparrow.
Sesi: Inuit for Snow.
Shilah: Navajo for Brother.
Sioux: Kangee for Crow Or Raven.
Skah: Sioux for White.
Suki: Algonquin for Black.
Taima: Thunder.
Takoda: Sioux for Friend To Everyone.
Taregan: Algonquin for Crane.
Tate: He Who Talks Too Much.
Tikaani: Wolf for Inuit.
Tiquanna: Inuit for Adopted Son.
Tocho: Hopi for Mountain Lion.
Tokala: Dakota for Fox.
Tse: Navajo for Rock.
Viho: Cheyenne for Chief.
Wakiza: Desperate Warrior.
Wapi: Lucky.
Yancy: Englishman.
Yansa: Cherokee for Buffalo.
Yas: Navajo for Snow.
Yiska: Navajo for Night Has Passed.
Yuma: Navajo for Son Of The Chief.

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