Native American Indian Dog Names: Sioux Lakota Dog Names

The Lakota people, and Teton Sioux are an indigenous people of the Great Plains of North America. They are part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes, one of the three major dialects of the Sioux language. Here comes a list of Native American Indian dog names of Sioux Lakota tribe for your male or female puppies.

Lakota Boy Dog Names

Chatan: Hawk.

Chayton: Falcon.
Ciqala: Little one.
Dakotah: Allies or friends.
Enapay: Appears Bravely.
Hanska: Tall.
Hotah: Strong.
Kangee: Crow.
Kohana: Swift.
Lootah: Flint.
Mahkah: Earth.
Mahpee: Sky.
Mato: Bear.
Matoskah: White bear.
Mika: Racoon.
Takoda: Friend to everyone.
Wahkan: Has much Practice.
Wicasa: Of wealthy parents.
Chaska: Eldest Son.
Mankato: Blue Earth.
Tahatan: Hawk.
Wapasha: Red Leaf.

Lakota Girl Dog Names

Chapa: Beaver.

Chapawee: Industrious.
Chumani: Dewdrops.
Ehawee: Laughing maid.
Kimimela: Butterfly.
Macha: Aurora.
Makawee: Earth maiden.
Mika: Clever raccoon.
Shappa: Red thunder.
Skah: White.
Wichahpi: Star.
Winona: First born daughter.
Zitkala: Bird.
Zonta: Trustworthy.
Mina: Eldest Daughter.
Tahcawin: Doe.
Talutah: Scarlet.
Wachiwi: Dancing Girl.
Wasula: Hair Storm.
Weayaya: Sunset.
Wichapi: Star.

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