44 Cherokee Girl Names For Your Female Puppies

The Cherokee tribe of Native American Indians are famous as one of "Five Civilized Tribes", because they had assimilated cultural and customs of white settlers and colonists. If you like traditional Cherokee names or Native American names, you could check out our collection of unusual Cherokee girl names. Most of these names are inspired by the culture, history and traditions of this famous Native American tribe.

Adsila: Flowering.

Agasga: Rain.
Ahawi: Deer.
Ahyoka: Bringer of happiness.
Ama: Water.
Amadahy: Forest water.
Atamaja: Daughter.
Athalia: God is exalted.
Atsila: Fire.
Avani: King of earth.
Avantika: ancient malwa.
Avasa: Independent.
Awenasa: My home.
Awinita: Fawn.
Ayita: First to dance.
Baka: Crane.
Bakula: Flower.
Bel: sacred wood apple tree.
Doya: Beaver.
Galilahi: Attractive.
Galilani: Friendly.
Ghigau: Beloved woman.
Goga: Summer.
Gola: Winter.

Hialeah: Beautiful meadow.
Hiawassee: Meadow.
Immookalee: Waterfall.
Inola: Black fox.
Kamama: Butterfly.
Knasgowa: Heron.
Leotie: Flower of the prairie.
Nanye-hi: Goes about.
Ninovan: Our home.
Noya: Sand.
Salali: Squirrel.
Sasa: Goose.
Sequoia: Redwood tree.
Tayanita: Young beaver.
Tsistunagiska: Wild rose.
Tsula: Fox.
Unega: White.
Usdi: Baby.
Woya: Dove.
Yona: Bear.

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