9 Famous American Indian Dog Names For Your Puppies

There are several Indian dog breeds in the world, but few of them are famous. When coming up to Indian dog names, a good idea is to name your boy or girl puppy with famous Indian dog names. It's not easy to find famous Indian dogs, but we do find some. Check out the below list for 9 famous American Indian dogs, if you like any of them please do not hesitate to use it as your canine name.

Ayhoka - Also known as Happy Dog, has been featured in a newspaper article for rescuing a neighbor's blind and deaf elderly dog from a ravine deep with snow.

Little Skye - American Indian Dog "Little Skye" is a movie star in Scotland, and has been in movies such as McBeth, The Bruce, and Brave Heart.
Riverhawk - One of the newer members of JD Platt and his K-9 Kings.
Rogue - Sire of many indian dog pups of outstanding quality plus the best quad riding dog in the country.
Sgiath Beag - Owned by Colin Hood, was featured in the documentory on gladiators by the History Channel.
Topaz - Owned by Ed and Denise of AZ, has been featured in two newspaper articles AND as cover girl on a rescue company's webpage.
Waya - Owned by KK and Brian of CA, has been featured on the front of a business brochure for a dog trainer AND on the label for doggie treats.
Willie - Owned by Judy and Larry Germain, MI, Willie was presented as representative of his breed on the Today Show by Larry Germain.
Willow - Owned by the March's in her TV commercial.

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