Native American Indian Dog Names: Cree Names

The Cree tribe are one of the largest tribes of Native American Indians and members of the Plains Indian people who originally lived in the sub-arctic regions of eastern Canada. They migrated south into the woodlands from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic coast and settled on new lands in northern Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. The Algonquian language was spoken by the Cree. Check out the below list for more options of Native American Indian Cree names for male or female puppies.

Native American Indian Cree Girl Names

Alawa: Pea.

Alsoomse: Independent.
Hausis: Old Woman.
Hurit: Beautiful.
Kanti: Sings.
Keegsquaw: Virgin.
Kimi: Secret.
Nadie: Wise.
Nijlon: Mistress.
Numees: Sister.
Nuna: Land.
Nuttah: My heart.
Oota dabun: Day star.
Pules: Pigeon.
Sokanon: Rain.
Sokw: Sour.
Tahki: Cold.
Wapun: Dawn.
Wawetseka: Pretty woman.
Wikimak: Wife.

Native American Indian Cree Boy Names

Abooksigun: Wildcat.

Abukcheech: Mouse.
Achachak: Spirit.
Ahanu: He laughs.
Anakausuen: Worker.
Aranck: Stars.
Askook: Snake.
Askuwheteau: He keeps watch.
Chansomps: Locust.
Chogan: Blackbird.
Enkoodabaoo: One who lives alone.
Etchemin: Canoe man.
Etlelooaat: He who shouts.
Hassun: Stone.
Huritt: Handsome.
Keme: Thunder.
Kitchi: Brave.
Machk: Bear.
Matchitehew: He has an evil heart.
Matunaagd: He who fights.
Matwau: Enemy.
Megedagik: Kills many.
Mekledoodum: Conceited.
Mingan: Gray wolf.
Mukki: Child.
Nixkamich: Grandfather.
Nootau: Fire.
Pannoowau: He lies.
Powaw: Priest.
Samoset: He walks over much.
Segenam: Lazy.
Sucki: Black.
Sunukkuhkau: He crushes.
Tihkoosue: Short.
Wematin: Setting sun.

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