Native American Indian Dog Names: Algonquin Names

The Algonquian languages, also Algonquin or Algonkian, are a subfamily of Native American languages which includes most of the languages in the Algic language family. Speakers of Algonquian languages stretch from the east coast of North America to the Rocky Mountains. Today, thousands of individuals identify with various Algonquian peoples. Check out our collection of Native American Indian Algonquin dog names for your male or female puppies.

Algonquin Girl Dog Names

Alsoomse: Independent.

Chepi: Fairy.
Hurit: Beautiful.
Kanti: Sings.
Keegsquaw: Virgin.
Kimi: Secret.
Nadie: Wise.
Nittawosew: She is not sterile.
Njlon: Mistress.
Numees: Sister.
Nuttah: My heart.
Pauwau: Witch.
Pocahontas: She is playful.
Pules: Pigeon.
Sokanon: Rain.
Sooleawa: Silver.
Takhi: Cold.
Wikimak: Wife.

Algonquin Boy Dog Names

Abooksigun: Wildcat.

Abukcheech: Mouse.
Achak: Spirit.
Ahanu: He laughs.
Askook: Snake.
Askuwheteau: He keeps watch.
Chansomps: Locust.
Chogan: Blackbird.
Eluwilussit: Holy one.
Enkoodabaoo: One who lives alone.
Enkoodabooaoo: One who lives alone.
Etchemin: Canoe man.
Etlelooaat: Shouts.
Hassun: Stone.
Huritt: Handsome.
Keme: Secret.
Kesegowaase: Swift.
Kestejoo: Slave.
Kitchi: Brave.
Machk: Bear.
Makkapitew: He has large teeth.
Matchitehew: He has an evil heart.
Matchitisiw: He has bad character.
Matunaaga: Fights.
Matwau: Enemy.
Megedagik: Kills many.
Melkedoodum: Conceited.
Mukki: Child.
Mundoo: Great spirit.
Nixkamich: Grandfather.
Nootau: Fire.
Nosh: Father.
Pajackok: Thunder.
Pannoowau: He lies.
Powwaw: Priest.
Rowtag: Fire.
Segenam: Lazy.
Sucki: Black.
Sunukkuhkau: He crushes.
Taregan: Crane.
Tihkoosue: Short.
Togquos: Twin.
Wematin: Brother.

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