Native American Indian Dog Names: 81 Hopi Names

The Hopi are a federally recognized tribe of Native American people, who primarily live on the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. The Hopi language is one of the 30 of the Uto-Aztecan language family, although today some Hopi are monolingual English speakers. The Hopi Dictionary gives the primary meaning of the word "Hopi" as: "behaving one, one who is mannered, civilized, peaceable, polite, who adheres to the Hopi way." Check out our collection of 81 Native American Indian Hopi dog names for your male or female puppies.

Hopi Female Dog Names

Charisa: Elk.

Chosovi: Bluebird.
Chosposi: Bluebird eye.
Chumana: Snake maiden.
Chusi: Snake flower.
Hehewuti: Warrior mother spirit.
Honovi: Strong deer.
Kachina: Sacred dancer; spirit.
Kasa: Dressed in furs.
Kaya: Elder sister.
Lenmana: Flute girl.
Mansi: Plucked flower.
Muna: Overflowing spring.
Nova: Chases butterflies.
Nukpana: Unisex name meaning evil.
Pakwa: Frog.
Pamuya: Water moon.
Pavati: Clear water.
Powaqa: Witch.
Shuman: Rattlesnake handler.
Sihu: Flower.
Soyala: Time of the winter solstice.
Tablita: Tiara.
Takala: Corn tassel.
Tiponi: Child of importance.
Tiva: Dance.
Totsi: Moccasins.
Tuwa: Earth.
Una: Remember.
Waki: Shelter.
Wuti: Woman.
Yamka: Blossom.
Yoki: Rain.
Zihna: Spins.

Hopi Male Dog Names

Ahote: Restless one.

Aponivi: Where the wind blows down the gap.
Ayawamat: One who follows orders.
Chatima: The caller.
Cheveyo: Spirit warrior.
Chochmo: Mud mound.
Chochokpi: Throne for the clouds.
Choovio: Antelope.
Choviohoya: Young deer.
Chowilawu: Joined together by water.
Chua: Snake.
Chuchip: Deer spirit.
Chunta: Cheating.
Chusi: Snake flower.
Hania: Spirit warrior.
Hawiovi: Going down the ladder.
Honani: Badger.
Honaw: Bear.
Hototo: Warrior spirit who sings or he who whistles.
Istaqa: Coyote man.
Kachada: White man.
Kele: Sparrow.
Kolichiyaw: Skunk.
Kotori: Screech owl spirit.
Kwahu: Eagle.
Kwatoko: Bird with a big beak.
Lansa: Lance.
Lapu: Cedar bark.
Len: Flute. compare with another form of len.
Machakw: Horny toad.
Makya: Eagle hunter.
Masichuvio: Gray deer.
Mochni: Talking bird.
Moki: Deer.
Mongwau: Owl.
Nukpana: Unisex name meaning evil.
Omawnakw: Cloud feather.
Pachua: Feathered water snake.
Pahana: Lost white brother.
Pivane: Weasel.
Qaletaqa: Guardian of the people.
Qochata: White man.
Sikyatavo: Yellow rabbit.
Sowingwa: Black-tailed deer.
Tocho: Mountain lion.
Tohopka: Wild beast.
Wikvaya: One who brings.

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