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SonakshiWith eyes of goldFemaleIndian
SubhujaOne with good shaped armsFemaleIndian
SubodhGood reference, intelligentMaleIndian
SuchiHoly, emitting heat or lightFemaleIndian
SuchitraNice portrayalFemaleIndian
SudhaSuperb, wealthy, pure, nectarFemaleIndian
SujataWell mannered and refinedFemaleIndian
SukanyaWonderful young womanFemaleIndian
SumitBest friendMaleIndian
SunilaDark blueFemaleIndian
SuprabhaDazzling, glitteringFemaleIndian
SupritiReal loveFemaleIndian
SurabhiPerfumed, aromaFemaleIndian
SushantiCalm, stillFemaleIndian
SushmaSparkling beautyFemaleIndian
SuvrataRespectable loverFemaleIndian
SwapnilLike a fantasyMaleIndian
SwatiA starFemaleIndian
TakodaThe alliesFemaleNative American
TamannaLonging forFemaleIndian
TanviYong womanFemaleIndian
TaptiName of a river, female child of lord suryaFemaleIndian

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