Indian Dog Names: 100 Traditional Indian Names

Some people like modern Indian dog names, but some like those classic and traditional Indian dog names. Here we pulled together a list of 100 traditional names for you. Check out the below list and pick your favorite name for your beloved puppy.

Traditional Indian Male Dog Names

Aditya: Solar gods, children of infinity.

Akshat: One who cannot be injured, whole.
Anubhav: Experience or perception.
Arjun: Bright, shining.
Ashish: Blessing.
Bhaskar: Sun.
Bikram: Prowess.
Chetas: Mind, heart.
Chiranjeev: Lifelong.
Daljeet: The conqueror of forces.
Dilip: One who gives.
Gaurav: Honour, pride.
Gautam: Wisest.
Girish: Lord shiva, mahadev.
Gurdeep: Light of the teacher.
Indiresh: Another name for lord vishnu.
Ishranth: Full of strength.
Jagan: World, universe.
Jaideep: Victory to the light.
Jeet: Victory.
Karun: Compassionate.
Kshitij: Horizon.
Lalit: Beautiful.
Manvik: One who is conscious.
Mridul: Soft, calm.
Naagesh: God of mountains.
Naishadh: The name of king nala, a legendary king from the mahabharata.
Nilaksh: Blue-eyed.
Om: Sacred syllable used in hindu prayer.
Parth: The person who never misses target, pertaining to arjun, a warrior prince.
Pavan: God of wind.
Pranav: From the hindu sacred symbol aum, meaning "primordial mantra".
Rajiv: Striped, lotus.
Ritesh: Lord of truth.
Sachin: Essence.
Samir: Companion in evening talk.
Sanchit: Collection, brought together.
Sandeep: Lighting the way.
Sanjay: Triumphant.
Siddharth: Buddha, one who is accomplished.
Sparsh: Touch.
Tarun: Young, youth.
Tushar: Snow.
Udit: Grown, shining, awakened.
Uttam: Best.
Varun: Lord of the water, neptune.
Vikas: Development.
Vinay: Good manners.
Vipul: Plenty.
Yashwant: One who has achieved glory.

Traditional Indian Female Dog Names

Aditi: Free and unbounded.

Aishwarya: Wealth.
Anjali: Tribute, gift to god.
Aparna: Name of goddess durga or parvati.
Aruna: Dawn light, rising sun.
Bhagyashree: Fortunate, goddess lakshmi.
Bhavna: Meditation.
Bipasha: River.
Chaaya: Shadow.
Chhavi: Reflection, radiance.
Deepika: Little light.
Diya: Light, lamp.
Eesha: Goddess parvati, purity.
Ekta: Unity.
Falguni: Beautiful.
Farha: Happiness.
Garima: Prowess, strength.
Geetha: Song.
Gayatri: Mother of vedas.
Harini: Deer like, goddess lakshmi.
Indrani: Queen of indra.
Jhanvi: The river ganga, daughter of yaksha the wise.
Jyothsna: Moonlight.
Jayanti: Victorious.
Kanika: Black cloth.
Kavya: Poem.
Lathika: Elegant.
Lavanya: Beauty, grace.
Leela: Play, amusement.
Lopamudra: Wife of lord agastya muni.
Mansi: Plucked flower.
Maya: Dream, illusion.
Meera: Devotee of lord krishna.
Meher: Grace, blessing.
Nargis: Narcissus, flower.
Pooja: An act of worship.
Ruchika: Shining, beautiful.
Sanjana: Creator, soft and gentle.
Sarah: Princess.
Shivani: Wife of lord shiva.
Shreya: The auspicious one.
Shridevi: Goddess lakshmi.
Shweta: White.
Tanvi: A delicate girl.
Tara: Star, goddess of the sea.
Uma: Goddess parvati, nation.
Upasna: Worship.
Urvashi: A celestial maiden.
Vaishnavi: Devotee of vishnu.
Zoya: Loving and caring.

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