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SarikaVocaliste, birdFemaleIndian
SarojinLike lotusMaleIndian
SaryuMoving air, name of a riverFemaleIndian
SavitriBelonging to SavitrFemaleSanskrit
SevatiWhite coloured plantFemaleIndian
ShailaA hillFemaleIndian
ShailajaA hillFemaleIndian
ShaileshStroke of hillsMaleIndian
ShailiTradition, mannersFemaleIndian
ShalinUnassuming, resourceful, type of treeMaleIndian
ShandraThe moonFemaleIndian
ShardaHindu goddes of learning and artsFemaleIndian
SharmisthaMarried with yayatiFemaleIndian
SheetalFresh, fantasticFemaleIndian
ShikhaThe top, a little hairFemaleIndian
ShvetankBlank skin, excellentMaleIndian
SiddharthAchieved all wishesMaleIndian
SitaraCelestial body in the skyFemaleIndian
SmitaHappy faceFemaleIndian
SnehaFellowship, affectionFemaleIndian
SnigdhaGentle, niceFemaleIndian

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