Pronunciation: [E-wa]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Mother

Origin: Hebrew

Famous Dogs Named Ewa

Freeway: The Lowchen breed was seen in the TV series Hart to Hart from 1979 to 1984.

Famous People Named Ewa

William Ewart Gladstone was a famous British politician who served as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom four times.

Potter Stewart was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court known for his contributions to criminal laws.

Patrick Stewart is an English actor who garnered great popularity through the television series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.

Martha Stewart is a successful American business women, TV host and author of many books.

Kristen Stewart is a well-known American actress.

Jon Stewart is a television host and comedian best known for hosting ‘The Jon Stewart Show’.

James Stewart was an Award winning American film actor and was also a World War II veteran who had a prestigious military career.

Ewan McGregor is a famous Scottish actor.

Alexander Turney Stewart was a multi-millionaire Irish businessman who opened the first department store.

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