10 Hunting Dog Names Inspired By Legendary American Hunters

Hunting dogs deserve hunting names, and the best hunting dog names are naming them after real hunters. Here comes a list of 10 unique hunting dog names inspired by legendary American hunters. These hunters earned their places in history during the late 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries. Their hunting exploits are now the stuff of legends. These hunters were highly skilled in the field, just like your labs or golden retrievers. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your boy or girl puppies.

Ernest: Ernest Hemingway was one of America’s most storied writers, also a skilled big-game hunter and all-around outdoorsman. Hemingway was famous for hunting big game animals in the American West and Africa.
Teddy: President Teddy Roosevelt is one of America’s most legendary hunters. He hunted all kinds of big game animals throughout the American West, Africa and South America.
Boone: Daniel Boone was an explorer, hunter and trapper whose exploits covered the Northeast and Appalachian regions of the United States. Boone often had to dodge Native American warriors on his hunting trips.
Pope: Saxton Pope is known as the father of modern bow hunting. Pope is also half of the namesake of the Pope and Young Club, North America’s foremost bowhunting organization. He developed his bowhunting skills under the guidance of Ishi.
Young: Art Young, along with Saxton Pope, was one of the founding fathers of bow hunting. Both him and Pope learned bowhunting techniques from Ishi. Of the three hunters, Young was believed to be the most skilled bowman.

Ishi: Ishi was the last of the Yahi tribe of Native Americans, and was a highly skilled bow hunter and tracker. Ishi was well known for being a talented hunter, who could silently stalk animals through the woods and mimic several game calls.
Compton: Bowhunter William Compton was a Nebraska bowhunter who learned his techniques from the Sioux Native Americans. Compton worked with Saxon Pope and Art Young to advance bow hunting into the modern era.
Crockett: Davy Crocket was a legendary American politician and outdoorsman. Many of Crockett’s hunting tales have been exaggerated, he was known to have killed several bears and mountain lions throughout the US.
Bridger: Jim Bridger was a legendary hunter and mountain man who explored the American West during the mid-19th century. He was known for having a strong constitution and excellent hunting, trapping and scouting skills.

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