43 Unique Hunting Dog Names That Mean Hunter

Your hunting dogs are your best hunting companions, and they are talented hunters. When coming up to dog names for your hunting puppies, one of the best options may be those dog names meaning hunter. Here comes our selection of 43 unique hunting dog names that mean hunter in various origins and cultures, they make good names for your hunting canines. Hunter itself is a good hunting dog name, and it works for both genders. Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion in Greek mythology. Other good boy hunting dog names include Harley, Saka, Jager, Nivik, and Hanta. Winda, Zorola, Theron, Diane are all very good girl hunting dog names with hunter-inspired meanings.

Hunter: English unisex name means "hunter."
Orion: Greek unisex name means "a hunter in Greek mythology."
Harley: Indian boy name means "deer hunter, archer."
Saka: Swahili boy name means "hunter."
Winda: Swahili girl name means "hunter."

Zarola: Arabic girl name means "hunter."
Jager: Dutch boy name means "hunter."
Theron: Greek unisex name means "hunter."
Nivik: Indian boy name means "great hunter."
Hanta: Inuit boy name means "hunter."
Diane: Latin girl name means "celestial hunter."
Hern: English boy name means "mythical hunter."
Auryon: American girl name means "hunter."
Caine: Hebrew unisex name means "spear hunter."
Chace: French boy name means "hunter."
Chase: French boy name means "agile hunter."
Chason: French boy name means "hunter."
Chasen: French boy name means "hunter."
Chirimar: Indian boy name means "hunter man."
Cocidius: Hunter god in Celtic mythology.
Dianne: Greek girl name means "celestial hunter."
Dyan: Latin girl name means "celestial hunter."
Dyanne: Latin girl name means "celestial hunter."
Gahiji: Egyptian boy name means "hunter."
Gahuj: Rwanda boy name means "hunter."
Grosvener: French boy name means "big hunter."
Grosvenor: French boy name means "great hunter."
Hearne: English boy name means "mythical hunter."

Herne: English boy name means "mythical hunter."
Jaeger: German boy name means "hunter."
Kacela: African girl name means "hunter."
Kainda: African girl name means "hunter daughter."
Kiraat: Indian boy name means "hunter."
Lubdhaka: Indian girl name means "hunter."
Makya: Native American Hopi boy name means "eagle hunter."
Oyakunt: Yoruba boy name means "hunter."
Targeq: Inuit boy name means "a mighty hunter who dwells in the skies."
Thimba: Swahili boy name means "lion hunter."
Venancia: Latin girl name means "hunter."
Woodman: English boy name means "hunter."
Actaeon: Latin boy name means "hunter."
Actaeonis: Latin boy name means "hunter."
Canowicakte: Native American Sioux boy name means "forest hunter."

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