18 Perfect Hunting Dog Names for Puppy Hunters

Hunting dogs are working dogs with different instincts. There are variety types of hunting dog breeds in the world, for instance Labrador retriever, Weimaraner, Irish setter, Basset Hound and Beagle. They are all different in physical characteristics, but they are all proved quality hunting dogs.

Having a gun dog is an amazing experience, and it is very important that your hunting dogs deserve some sounding and different names. Most of the hunting dogs are tough, disciplined, smart and loyal, and a good hunting dog name should reflect these. 

After researching a lot of hunting dog names we picked the top 18 names of them for you, they are interesting and distinctive, and all of them have a lively sound. We hope you will love one of them and get your own hunting dog name for your little hunter pooch in the future. 

Artemis - In Greek mythology, Artemis was the Hellenic goddess of the hunt and wilderness, she was often depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The deer and the cypress were sacred to her.
Bolt - A fictional American White German Shepherd Dog, and the protagonist of the 2008 animated film Bolt. The word bolt means a sudden dash, run, flight, or escape.
Buckshot - A large shotgun shell will help you to get the job done whether hunting in open fields or farm lands.
Columbo - A friendly, verbose, disheveled police detective, he will solve the mystery of where to hunt.
Conan - Conan the Barbarian is a fictional sword and sorcery hero that created by Robert E. Howard.
Granite - A type of massive, hard and tough stone, also US place names. It is perfect for your tough hunting dogs.
Gunner - A meritorious dog during World War II, accurately alert allied airforce personnel that Japanese aircraft were approaching Darwin. This is a fabulous name for a hunting dog.
Hunter - Maybe the best name for hunting dogs, it contains all the hunting qualities such as trapping, pursuing and killing.
Jager - A Dutch occupational surname meaning "hunter", also a member of any of several groups of sharpshooters in the German or Austrian army.
Legend - Your hunting dog will become a legend in his hunting career.
Magnum - Perfect name for those large and powerful hunting dogs.
Orion - A mighty hunter in Greek mythology that also has a star named after him.
Rambo - A fictional character in the Rambo saga that uses violence to solve problems, and is exceptionally tough and aggressive.
Raven - One of several larger-bodied members of the genus Corvus with black plumage and large beaks, cool name for black female hunting dog.
Remi - Short for Remington, which is a favorite firearm that an owner would use while hunting.
Ruger - The fourth largest firearms manufacture in the United States, name fitting for hunting dogs.
Theron - Greek for "hunter", a perfect hunting dog name.
Wyatt - A bit of the old west, means war+hard+brave.

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