Native American Dog Names, Page 2

ChenoaDoveFemaleNative American
CherokeePeople Of A Different Speech. One Of The Largest American Indian Tribes.UnisexEnglish
ChesmuGrainyMaleNative American
CheveyoHopi mythological monsterMaleNative American
CheyanneSpeak incoherentlyFemaleAmerican English
CheyenneSpeak incoherentlyFemaleAmerican English
ChilaliSnow birdFemaleNative American
ChimalisBlue birdFemaleNative American
ChoganBlack birdMaleNative American
ChumaniDrops of dewFemaleNative American
CiqalaSmall oneUnisexNative American
DakotaThe alliesFemaleNative American
DakotahFriend: Ally. Tribal Name.MaleEnglish
DelsinHe Is SoMaleEnglish
DenaliThe great oneFemaleNative American
DonomaThe sun is outFemaleNative American
DyamiEagleMaleNative American
DyaniDeerFemaleNative American
ElsuFlying FalconMaleEnglish
EnolaAlone backwardsFemaleEnglish
EyotaGreat, greater, greatestFemaleNative American
FalaCrowFemaleNative American
FeatherSvelteUnisexNative American
FeoTrue-heartedMaleNative American

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