33 Alternative Dog Names For Sun

Sun is shining there in the sky, and it brings us warm and almost everything. If you are looking for some sun-inspired dog names, please check out our cheerful options in the below list. All of these male and female dog names have the meaning of sun, and they are the alternative words for sun in various origins.

Boy Dog Names That Mean Sun

Adtiya: Sanskrit name meaning "the sun."

Apollo: The Greek god driving the sun across the sky.
Arun: Hindi name meaning "dawn, sun."
Dag: Scandinavian name meaning "daylight."
Dinesh: Hindi name meaning "lord of the day."
Eleodoro: Spanish name meaning "gift from the sun."
Freyr: Norse god of fertility, peace and sunlight.
Helios: Greek God of the sun.
Ishaan: Hindi name meaning "the sun."
Levant: The direction of the rising sun.
Ramses: Egyptian name meaning "the sun god."
Ravi: Hindu god of the sun.
Roshan: Persian name meaning "daylight."
Samson: Hebrew name meaning "sun."
Surya: Another Hindu god of the sun.

Girl Dog Names That Mean Sun

Aine: Irish goddess associated with the sun and midsummer.

Apollonia: Feminine form of Apollonios, which comes from Apollo.
Arunika: Sanskrit name meaning "early morning sunlight."
Clytie: From mythology, the name of a water nymph who was turned into a sunflower.
Cymbeline: Gaelic name meaning "sun lord."
Elidi: Greek name meaning "gift of the sun."
Gnowee: Australian Aboriginal solar goddess.
Helen: Sun ray, shining light.
Idalia: Greek name meaning "behold the sun."
Kalinda: Hindi name meaning "the sun."
Kyra: Derived from the boy name Kyros meaning "the sun."
Malina: Goddess of the sun in Inuit mythology.
Sharik: African name meaning "one on whom the sun shines."
Siria: Spanish name meaning "sun-bright, glowing."
Solana: Spanish name meaning "sunlight."
Soleil: French name meaning "sun."
Sunny: Sweet name referring to the sun.
Sunshine: The warmth of sun.

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