Native American Unisex Dog Names

AchakAlgonquin Name Meaning "Spirit".UnisexEnglish
CherokeePeople Of A Different Speech. One Of The Largest American Indian Tribes.UnisexEnglish
CiqalaSmall oneUnisexNative American
FeatherSvelteUnisexNative American
GeronimoSacred nameUnisexGreek
HiawathaIroquois captainUnisexNative American
KodaThe alliesUnisexNative American
KotaThe alliesUnisexNative American
MakyaLover of the chaseUnisexNative American
MisuRippling watersUnisexNative American
MitsuBearUnisexNative American
NanookPolar bearUnisexNative American
NiabiFawnUnisexNative American
PahanaAngloUnisexNative American
QuanahGood smellingUnisexNative American
TahoeEdge of the lakeUnisexNative American
WayaWolfUnisexNative American

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