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CometA celestial bodyUnisexEnglish
ConanLittle wolf houndMaleGaelic
ConnerLover of houndsMaleGaelic
CookieA small flat, crisp cakeUnisexEnglish
CooperBarrel makerMaleEnglish
CopperA reddish brown metal - as in copper penny coins. Also slang for a police officer.UnisexEnglish
CorkyVariant Of Corey Hill Hollow.UnisexEnglish
CuddlesTo nestle or snuggle.UnisexEnglish
CurlyHaving curls or wavy hair.UnisexEnglish
CyranoShy heartMaleGreek
DakotaThe alliesFemaleNative American
DallasMeadow stanceMaleGaelic
DamenCalm, TameMaleEnglish
DanteEnduring, obstinateMaleLatin
DashFrom ChielMaleFrench
DeltaFourth letter of the alphabetFemaleGreek
DexterDyer of clothMaleEnglish
DiabloThe DevilUnisexEnglish
DigbyDyke farm, dyke settlementMaleEnglish
DiggerOne that digs.UnisexEnglish
DinkyDog on National Lampoon's VacationUnisexEnglish
DinoFrom The DeneMaleItalian

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