45 Traditional German Shepherd Dog Names For Male GSD Puppies

German Shepherds are great dogs, and they have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. German Shepherds were originated in Germany, and they were originally bred to herd sheep, but they are often used for other types of work because of their trainability, obedience, strength, and intelligence. Here comes our selection of 45 traditional male German Shepherd dog names for your boy puppies.

Adler: Eagle.

Albert: Noble, bright.
Albrecht: Intelligent or noble.
Amadeus: He who loves God.
Arlo: Man of the hill.
Arnold: Eagle, powerful.
August: Revered, exalted.
Axel: Father of peace.
Bach: Stream.
Baldwin: Brave, bold friend.
Berlin: River rake.
Blitz: Lightning.
Bruno: Brown one.
Claus: Victor of the people.
Dedrick: People's ruler.
Dieter: People's ruler.
Dino: Little sword.
Dirk: Ruler.
Ernst: Earnest, vigorous.
Felix: The lucky one.
Franz: From France, free.
Frederik: Ruler.
Fritz: Peaceful ruler.
Freda: Peaceful ruler.
Gunther: Warrior.
Hansel: God is gracious.
Hans: God is gracious.
Heinrich: Rules her household.
Heinz: Household ruler.

Kaiser: Emperor.
Klaus: Victory of the people.
Leonard: Brave lion.
Max: Short for Maximilian, which meaning "greatest." Or short for Maxwell, which meaning "great spring."
Otto: Wealth, prosperity.
Panzer: Armoured fighting vehicle.
Rainer: Wise army.
Rolf: Famed wolf.
Ruger: America’s leading firearm manufacturer.
Schwarz: Black.
Siegfried: Victorious peace.
Sigmund: Victorious protection.
Stein: Stone.
Ulf: Wolf.
Walter: Army ruler.
Wolfgang: Traveling wolf.

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