50 Awesome Male German Dog Names With Great Meanings

German dog names have their unique feelings and meanings. If you adopted a new puppy of German origin, you could consider choosing a German name for him or her. German dog names are inspired by German words, languages, and culture. Check out our selection of 50 awesome German dog names for your boy puppies with traditional meanings.

Adler: Eagle.

Adolph: Noble wolf.
Albern: White.
Albert: Noble, bright.
Albrecht: Also means noble, bright.
Aldo: Old and wise.
Alger: Clever warrior.
Alphonse: Noble, ready for battle.
Alvin: Noble friend, friend of the elves.
Arlo: Unknown.
Arnold: Ruler, strong as an eagle.
August: Great, magnificent.
Axel: Father of peace.
Bach: Dweller near the brook.
Baldwin: Brave friend.
Bernard: Strong, brave as a bear.
Bruno: Brown.
Claus: People of vistory.
Dedrick: The people’s ruler.
Dieter: Ruler of the people.
Dirk: Also the people’s ruler.
Emmet: Universal, truth.
Ernest: Serious, resolute.
Ernie: Serious, resolute.
Ernst: Serious, resolute.
Felix: Happy, fortunate.
Franz: Free man.

Frederik: Peaceful ruler.
Fritz: Also peaceful ruler.
Gunther: Bold warrior.
Hans: God is gracious.
Heinrich: Home of the king.
Heinz: Also home of the king.
Kaiser: Emperor.
Klaus: People of vistory.
Leonard: Brave lion.
Max: The greatest.
Otto: Wealthy.
Raymond: Wise protector.
Roland: Famous throughout the land.
Rolf: Famous wolf.
Rudolph: Also famous wolf.
Schwartz: Black hair or dark complexion.
Siegfried: Victorious peace.
Sigmund: Victorious protection.
Stein: Stone.
Ulf: Wolf.
Waldo: To rule.
Walter: Army ruler.
Wolfgang: Traveling wolf.

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