45 Unique Japanese Female Dog Names With Great Meanings

If you are looking for some Japanese dog names for your girl puppies, then check no more than this list. Here comes our selection of 30 unique Japanese girl dog names with great meanings. These perfect dog names are short and cool, and they have great meanings and soundings. Feel free to choose your favorite names and enjoy!

Aika: Love song.

Aiko: Child of love.
Aimi: Love beautiful.
Akane: Brilliant red.
Akemi: Bright beautiful.
Aki: Right, autumn.
Akiko: Bright child.
Akira: Bright, clear.
Ami: Asia beautiful.
Aoi: Blue.
Asami: Morning beauty.
Asuka: Tomorrow perfume, fragrance.
Ayaka: Colorful flower.
Chika: Scatter flowers.
Emi: Beautiful blessing.
Hana: Flower.
Haru: Spring.
Hinata: Sunflower, facing towards the sun.
Hoshi: Star.
Kanon: Flower sound.
Kaori: Perfume, fragrance.
Keiko: Blessed child, respectful child.
Kimi: Noble.
Maiko: Child of dance.
Maki: True hope.
Mami: True beauty.

Mana: Love.
Midori: Green.
Mika: Beautiful fragrance.
Miki: Beautiful princess.
Mio: Beautiful cherry blossom.
Misaki: Beautiful blossom.
Nana: Seven.
Rika: True fragrance.
Rio: Village cherry blossom.
Saki: Blossom of hope.
Sakura: Cherry blossom.
Satomi: Beautiful and wise.
Shika: Deer.
Sora: Sky.
Yasu: Peace.
Yoko: Child of sunlight.
Yoshi: Lucky, righteous.
Yuka: Gentle flower.
Yuki: Happiness, snow.

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