22 Coolest Japanese Female Dog Names

Japanese girl dog names are beautiful with great meanings. Check out our collection of Japanese female dog names and choose your favorite names for your Japanese breed dogs such as Akita or Shiba Inu.

Aiko: Child of love.

Ayumi: Walk, pace.
Chika: Wisdom.
Chiyo: A thousand generations.
Cho: Born at dawn.
Dai: Stand, base.
Gen: Origin, source.
Hana: Bloom, flowers, blossoms.
Haru: Born in the spring.
Hisa: Enduring, sustaining.
Hoshi: Star.
Ima: The present.
Ishi: Stone.
Kimi: Without equal.
Koma: Little horse, pony.

Mori: Wood, forest.
Nao: Honest.
Rai: Next.
Ran: Water lily.
Suki: Fond of.
Uta: Song, poem.
Yuki: Snow.

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