20 Cool And Unique Dog Names Of Asian Origins

If you like the Asian culture, you may be looking for an Asian dog name or oriental dog name for your new adopted puppy. These distinctive and unique dog names are just cool, and they sound great with oriental sound. we have looked at Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay and even Indian names for this list of 20 cool dog names, check out the below list and pick your favorite one.

Chin: Precious in Korean.

Dara: Star in Cambodian.
Dunia: The world in Malay.
Eigo: English in Japanese.
Ena: Mirror in Indian.
Gae: Dog in Korean.
Gaw: Island in Thai.
Haiwan: Pet in Malay.
Hito: Person in Japanese.
Jikan: Japanese for time.
Mizu: Water in Japanese.
Pari: Fairy in Indian.
Penipu: Malay for rascal.
Priya: Indian for beloved.
Reiko: Beautiful child in Japanese.
Ronin: Samurai without a master in Japanese.
Seom: Island in Korean.
Seuta: Star in Korean.
Shen: Deep thinker in Chinese.
Uchi: It stands for home.

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