19 Coolest Japanese Male Dog Names

There are several dog breeds originating in Japan, for instance Akita Inu and Shiba Inu. Japanese dogs deserve Japanese names. Here comes a collection of popular Japanese names for male dogs, these coolest names have a theme of strength, good luck or excellence.

Akemi: Dawn of beauty.

Botan: Peony.
Eiji: Second-born son.
Goro: Fifth son.
Haro: Wild boar's first son.
Hideaki: Discerning, wise.
Hideo: Excellent.
Isi: Rock.
Jiro: Second-born son.
Kane: Golden.
Kenji: Second son.
Koji: Child, little.
Makoto: Honesty, sincerity.
Naoko: Honest, straight.

Shiro: Fourth-born son.
Taizo: Third-born son.
Taro: First-born male.
Yasuo: Calm, tranquil.
Zinan: Second son.

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