240 Japanese Female Dog Names For Girl Puppies

Japanese dog names are unique, desirable, beautiful and exotic-sounding. If you have a Japanese breeds of dogs, for instance Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Kai Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Kishu Inu and Shikoku Inu, or even if you are Japanese, you could choose Japanese dog names for your dogs. Here comes our collection of Japanese dog names for your boy or girl canines, along with their meanings in Japanese.

Ai: Love.

Aika: Love song.
Aiko: Child of love.
Aimi: Love beautiful.
Aina: Love vegetables.
Airi: Love jasmine.
Akane: Brilliant red.
Akemi: Bright beautiful.
Aki: Bright, autumn.
Akiko: Bright child.
Akira: Bright, clear.
Amaterasu: Shining heaven.
Ami: Asia beautiful.
Anzu: Apricot.
Aoi: Blue.
Asako: Morning child.
Asami: Morning beauty.
Asuka: Tomorrow perfume, fragrance.
Atsuko: Kind child.
Aya: Color.
Ayaka: Colorful flower.
Ayako: Colorful child.
Ayame: Iris.
Ayane: Colorful sound.
Ayano: My color.
Bachiko: Smiling, happy child.
Ceiko: Child of splendor.
Chie: Wisdom, intellect.
Chieko: Child of intelligence, wisdom.
Chiharu: One thousand springs.
Chika: Scatter flowers.
Chikako: Child of a thousand perfumes.
Chinatsu: One thousand summers.
Chiyo: One thousand generations.
Chiyoko: Child of a thousand generations.
Cho: Butterfly.
Chou: Butterfly.
Chouko: Butterfly child.
Eiko: Child of splendor.
Emi: Beautiful blessing.
Emiko: Beautiful blessing child.
Eri: Blessed prize.
Etsu: Joy.
Etsuko: Child of joy.
Fumiko: Child of abundant beauty.
Fuyu: Born in the winter.
Hama: Of the beach or shore.
Hamako: Child of the beach.
Hana: Flower.
Hanako: Flower child.
Haru: Spring.
Haruka: Spring flower.
Haruko: Spring child.
Harumi: Beautiful spring.
Haruna: Spring vegetables.
Hatsu: First-born.
Hideko: Child of excellence.
Hikari: Light, radiance.
Hikaru: Light, radiance.
Hina: Sun vegetables.
Hinata: Sunflower, facing towards the sun.
Hiro: Generous.
Hiroko: Generous child.
Hiromi: Generous beauty.
Hisako: Child of long life.
Hisoka: Cautious, reserved.
Hitomi: Pupil of the eye.
Honoka: Harmony flower.
Hoshi: Star.
Hoshiko: Star child.
Hotaru: Firefly.
Izumi: Spring, fountain.
Jun: Obedient.
Junko: Pure, genuine child.
Kaede: Maple.
Kamiko: Superior child.
Kanako: Fragrant nara child.
Kanon: Flower sound.
Kaori: Perfume, fragrance.
Kaoru: Fragrance.
Kasumi: Mist.
Katsu: Victorious.
Katsumi: Victorious beauty.
Kazu: Harmony.
Kazue: First blessing.
Kazuko: Child of harmony.
Kazumi: Harmonious beauty.
Kei: Respectful.
Keiko: Blessed child, respectful child.
Kichi: Of great fortune, lucky.
Kiko: Chronical child.
Kiku: Chrysanthemum.
Kimi: Noble.
Kimiko: Empress child.
Kin: Gold.
Kiyoko: Pure child.
Kiyomi: Pure beauty.
Kohaku: Amber.
Kohana: Little flower.
Kokoro: Soul, heart.
Kotone: Sound of the koto.
Kumiko: Long-time beautiful child.
Kyo: Cooperation.
Kyoko: Respectful child.
Kyou: Apricot.
Madoka: Circle, round.
Mai: Dance.
Maiko: Child of dance.
Maki: True hope.
Makoto: Sincere.
Mami: True beauty.
Mana: Love.
Manami: Loving beautiful.
Mao: Dance cherry blossom.
Mari: Ball.
Mariko: True village child.
Masa: Just, true.
Masami: Become beautiful.
Masumi: True clarity.
Masuyo: Benefits the world.
Mayu: True gentle.
Mayumi: True gentle beauty.
Megumi: Blessing.
Mei: Sprouting life.
Mi: Beautiful.
Michi: Pathway.
Michiko: Beautiful wise child.
Midori: Green.
Mieko: Beautiful blessing child.
Miho: Protected, guaranteed beauty.

Mika: Beautiful fragrance.
Miki: Beautiful princess.
Miku: Beautiful sky.
Minako: Beautiful child.
Minori: Truth.
Mio: Beautiful cherry blossom.
Misaki: Beautiful blossom.
Mitsu: Full of light.
Mitsuko: Child of light.
Mitsuru: Satisfy, full.
Miu: Beautiful feather.
Miwa: Beautiful hamony, peace.
Miyako: Beautiful night child.
Miyo: Child of beauty.
Miyoko: Beautiful child of the generations.
Miyu: Beautiful gentle.
Miyuki: Beautiful blessing.
Mizuki: Beautiful moon.
Moe: Sprouting.
Momoe: One hundred blessings.
Momoka: Peach tree flower.
Momoko: Peach tree child.
Moriko: Child of the forest.
Nagisa: Seashore.
Nana: Seven.
Nanami: Seven seas.
Nao: Honest.
Naoko: Honest child.
Naomi: Honest beautiful.
Nariko: Serene and gentle child.
Natsuki: Summer hope.
Natsuko: Summer child.
Natsumi: Beautiful summer.
Noa: My love.
Nobuko: Faithful, trustworthy child.
Noriko: Lawful child.
Ran: Orchid.
Re: True blessing.
Rei: Lovely.
Reiko: Lovely child.
Ren: Lotus, love.
Rika: True fragrance.
Riko: Child of truth.
Rin: Dignified.
Rina: Jasmine.
Rio: Village cherry blossom.
Ryoko: Refreshing child.
Sachiko: Joyful, happy child.
Saki: Blossom of hope.
Sakura: Cherry blossom.
Sakurako: Cherry blossom child.
Satoko: Wise child.
Satomi: Beautiful and wise.
Sayuri: Small lily.
Setsuko: Melody child.
Shigeko: Growing child.
Shika: Deer.
Shinju: Pearl.
Shinobu: Endurance.
Shiori: Poem.
Shizuka: Quiet summer.
Shizuko: Quiet child.
Shun: Speed, quick.
Sora: Sky.
Sumiko: Child of clarity.
Suzu: Bell.
Suzume: Sparrow.
Takako: Noble child.
Takara: Treasure.
Tamiko: Child of many beauties.
Teruko: Shining child.
Tomiko: Child of wealth, fortune.
Tomoko: Child of wisdom, intellect.
Tomomi: Beautiful friend.
Tori: Bird.
Toshiko: Clever child.
Tsubaki: Camellia flower.
Tsubame: Swallow.
Tsukiko: Moon child.
Ume: Plum.
Umeko: Plum child.
Usagi: Rabbit.
Wakana: Harmonious music.
Yasu: Peace.
Yasuko: Child of peace.
Yoko: Child of sunlight.
Yoshe: Lovely.
Yoshi: Lucky, righteous.
Yoshie: Beautiful stream.
Yoshiko: Child of goodness.
Yua: Binding love.
Yui: Bind clothing .
Yuina: Bind together.
Yuka: Gentle flower.
Yukari: Beautiful pear tree.
Yuki: Happiness, snow.
Yukiko: Child of snow, child of happiness.
Yuko: Gentle child.
Yumi: Reason beautiful.
Yumiko: Reason beautiful child.
Yuri: Lily.
Yuriko: Lily child.
Yuu: Gentle.
Yuuki: Gentle, superior hope.
Yuuna: Gentle.
Yuzuki: Gentle moon.
Zuki: Moon.

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