10 Unique Girl Dog Names For Your Female Pups

Your new female pup is extraordinary, and she deserve a unique and unusual girl name. Forget those popular and common dog names heard everywhere in the dog parks, here comes our pick of 10 unique girl dog names for your beloved female pups. These names have the great meanings in other languages or cultures, we believe  you will love these cool female dog names.

Aloha - Happy girl name of Hawaiian origin means "love or compassion", also a form of greeting and farewell in Hawaii.
Amore - Italian name means "love."
Bliss - Nickname for a cheerful person, from Middle English Blisse means Joy.
Cheyenne - An Algonquian Native American tribe of the Great Plains, also the capital city of Wyoming.
Dharma - Sanskrit name means "truth; Buddhist spiritual teaching."
Eloise - French name means "healthy, wide."
Gina - Italian name means "queen; well-born."
Hope - One of the three Christian virtues.
Indigo - A deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India.
Lark - The name of the songbird, the expression "happy as a lark" gives this songbird name a cheery image.

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