400 German Girl Names For Your Female Puppies

German is a country of dogs, and there are lots of dog breeds originating in Germany, for instance German Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Boxer, German Pinscher, Dachshund, Poodle, Rottweiler, and Great Dane etc. German dogs deserve German names, and here comes our collection of 400 German girl names for your female puppies, check out the below list and select your favorite girl dog name for your puppy.

Ada: Noble, kind.

Adalgisa: Noble hostage.
Adalia: God is my refuge.
Adela: Noble and serene. Variants: Adele, Adelle, Adelaide, Adelaide.
Adelina: Noble.
Adi: Noble, kind. Variants: Adie.
Adolfina: Noble wolf or hero.
Agneta: Pure.
Alberta: Noble and bright.
Alice: Noble, truth.
Alisha: Of excellent qualities.
Alison: Of noble birth. Variants: Allison, Allyson, Alyson.
Amara: Eternal, immortal.
Amelia: Industrious.
Analise: Gracious consecrated to God. Variants: Analiese, Annalise, Annelies, Annelise, Annette.
Anamchara: Soul mate.
Andrea: Courage, valor.
Anette: Variation of Anne.
Angela: Similar to Angelus or Angel.
Angelika: Similar to Angelica.
Anke: Form of Anne.
Anna: Gracious.
Antje: Grace.
Arabelle: Beautiful eagle.
Arnelle: As strong as an eagle. Variants: Arnwlle.
Aubrey: Noble.
Ava: Bird.
Axel: Source of all life.
Beatrix: Traveler voyager.
Begonia: Flower.
Bela: White.
Berit: Bright. Glorious.
Bernadine: Brave as a bear. Variants: Bernadette.
Berta: Intelligent; Glorious.
Bianka: White.
Birget: Protecting.
Brenda: Sword blade.
Britta: Strength.
Brummer: Sword blade.
Callan: Chatter.
Carla: Farmer.
Carlchen: Sword blade.
Carleigh: Freeholder.
Carol: Farmer.
Caroline: Strong.
Carolyn: Melody, song.
Casar: Sword blade.
Cecancia: Free.
Charlie: Charles, Charlotte.
Chloris: Pale.
Christa: Form of Christina.
Claudia: Variation of Claudius.
Clay: Mortal.
Dagmar: Joy.
Dame: Lady.
Delia: Form of Adelaide.
Dresden: German city.
Dustin: Valiant Fighter.
Ebba: Strength.
Edelweiss: Snow, white.
Edwina: Prosperous friend.
Elga: Form of Helga.
Elke: Form of Alice.
Ella: Beautiful fairy.
Elsa: Noble.
Elsbeth: God's oath.
Elvira: Closed up.
Emera: Leader.
Emily: Industrious.
Emma: One who cares.
Erika: Ever powerful.
Ernestine: Earnest.
Faiga: A bird.
Felda: Of the fields.
Frauke: Little lady.
Fraulein: Miss.
Frederica: Peaceful ruler. Variants: Frederika.
Frida: Dove. Joy, peace.
Frieda: Peaceful.
Fritzi: Pet name for Friederike.
Gabi: Hero of God.
Galiana: Supreme one.
Genevieve: Form of Guinevere.
Gerda: Protection.
Gertrude: Beloved warrior.
Gisa: Short for Giselle.
Giselle: Pledge.
Grau: Grey.
Greta: Pearl.
Gretchen: Little pearl.
Gretel: Pet name for Grete.
Grizelda: Maiden of Iron.
Hedwig: Refuge in Battle.
Heide: Noble.
Heidi: Noble and Kind.
Helga: Pious.
Helge: A Person of God.
Henrietta: Ruler of Home.
Hertha: German form of Nerthus.
Hexe: Witch.
Hexi: See Hexe.
Hildegard: Battle.
Hulda: Sweet, lovable.
Ida: Hard working.
Idonia: Industrious.
Ilsa: God is my oath. Variants: Ilse.
Ima: See Imke.
Imelda: Warrior.
Imke: Entire, Whole.
Imma: See Ima.
Irma: Long of Irm, entire, whole.
Irmalinda: Whole, soft, tender, entirely gentle.
Irmgard: Entirely protected.
Ishild: Ice battle.
Isold: See Ishild.
Ivonette: Yew tree.
Ivonne: See Ivonette.
Jannike: God is gracious.
Jarvia: Spear-Keen.
Jenell: Knowledge and understanding.
Juliane: Descended from Jupiter, Jove.
Jutta: Jewess or praised.
Jutte: See Jutta.
Karla: Strong, womanly.
Kasimira: Commands peace.
Katarina: Pure.
Katarine: See Katrina.
Katharina: See Katarine.
Kathe: Pet of Germany Katharina.
Kathrin: Neat and pure.
Katinka:: See Kathrin.
Kerstin: Believer or follower of Christ.
Kinge: Brave war.
Kirsa: Cherry.
Klara: Clear, bright.
Klothilda: Famous battle maid.
Kreszentia: To spring up, grow, thrive.
Kreszenz: See Kreszentia.
Kriemhild: Mask and hild, battle, battle mask.
Kriemhilde: Variant spelling of Kriemhild.
Krimhilde:: Variant spelling of Kriemhild.
Kristel: German for Christine.
Kristen: See Kerstin.
Kunibert: Brave and berhaht, bright, brave-bright.
Kunigunde: brave and gund, strife, brave war.
Kurigunde: Brave.
Lene: Torch.
Leni: Little angel.
Leona: Brave as a lioness.
Leonore: Foreign, the other.
Leopolda: Bold leader.
Leyna: Little angel.
Liebe: Love.
Lies: God is my oath.
Liesa: See Lene.
Liese: Beloved of God.
Liesel: See Liese.
Lieselotte: My oath is God.
Lili: Pet form of German means God is my oath.
Lilo: See Lili.
Lora: Laurel.
Lore: See Lora.
Lorelei: Alluring.

Loreley: Murmuring rock.
Lotte: Short of Liselotte, meaning "God is my oath."
Lotti: Little woman.
Louis: Warrior maiden.
Luann: Graceful warrior.
Lulu: Famous warrior.
Lutgard: Spear.
Madde: Mighty in battle.
Magda: Of Magdala, A woman, cleansed of sin by Jesus.
Magdalena: See Magda.
Magdalene: See Magdalena.
Mallory: Army counselor.
Malorie: Army counselor.
Malwine: Smooth-brow.
Mareike: Obstinacy, rebelliousness or rebellion.
Marelda: Great warrior.
Margareta: See Margarete.
Margarete: Pearl.
Margret: Form of Margaret.
Mariel: Form of Mary.
Mariele: See Mareike.
Marlene: Derived from Marilyn.
Marlis: See Mareike, sometimes meaning God is my oath.
Marthe: A lady.
Marthe: Lady, mistress.
Mathilda: Battle maiden; strong.
Maud: Strong in battle.
Meike: See Mareike.
Melusina: Wonder, sea-fog.
Melusine: See Melusina.
Meta: Pearl.
Mette: Great in battle.
Milla: Industrious.
Millicent: Industrious.
Millie: Hard worker.
Mina: Short of Wilhelmina, meaning Will-Helmet.
Mine: See Mina.
Minna: Variant spelling of Mina.
Minnie: See Mina.
Mirjam: Determination, disobedience or revolt.
Mischa: Who is like God.
Mitzi: See Mirjam.
Morgen: Morning.
Mundle: Almond.
Nadja: Hope.
Nixe: See Nixie.
Nixie: Water sprite; Fairy.
Nobert: Blond hero. Variants: Noberta, Norberta.
Nordica: From the north.
Nyx: Sprite.
Oda: Wealthy. Variants: Odelia, Odelia, Odell, Odila, Odilia.
Olga: Holy.
Olinda: Protector of property.
Orlantha: From the land.
Ortrun: Point-rune.
Ostara: German goddess, spring-time.
Otthild: Battle of fortune.
Ottila: Wealthy.
Ottilia: Female of Otto, See Otto.
Ottoline: Short of Ottilia, See Ottilia.
Pepin: Perseverance.
Philomena: Friend of strength.
Porsche: Pig.
Qiana: American name, means “silk-like.”
Quiana: See Qiana.
Quianna: Variant of Quiana.
Quirina: Feminine form of Quirinus, meaning "spear."
Raina: Mighty.
Rebekka: Ensnarer.
Reinhilde: Battle counsel.
Renate: Reborn.
Ricarda: Female Ricardo.
Ricardo: Powerful ruler.
Richelle: Brave One.
Rike: Short of Friederike, See Friederike.
Roderica: Famous one.
Roland: From the great land.
Rolanda: Famous in the land.
Romey: Rose and obstinate, Rebellious.
Romy: Short of Rosemarie.
Ros: Horse-Protection.
Rosalind: Lovely Rose.
Rosamond: Variant spelling of Rosamund.
Rosamund: Garden of flowers.
Rosemarie: Rose & obstinate, rebellious.
Roswitha: Renowned strength.
Ruperta: Feminine of Rupert, meaning bright fame.
Sabine: German form of Sabina.
Salida: Happiness, joy.
Sara: Noble Lady, Biblical meaning "wife of abraham."
Sascha: Defender of mankind.
Schatzi: Little treasure, darling.
Schatzie: Little sweetheart.
Schmetterling: Butterfly.
Schwanhild: Swan battle.
Selma: Divine Helmet.
Senta: Assistant.
Seraphina: Fiery ones.
Serilda: Armed maiden.
Sibylle: Prophetess.
Sieghild: Victory-battle.
Sieglinde: victory-gentle.
Sigi: Short of Sieglinde.
Sofia: Wisdom.
Sofie: Sweet.
Sommer: Summer.
Sonje: Wisdom.
Sonnenschein: Sunshine.
Susanne: lily.
Suse: Pet form of Susanne.
Susi: A lily.
Svenja: Swan.
Swanhild: Swan battle.
Swanhilda: See Swanhild.
Swanhilde: Variant spelling of Swanhilda.
Tabea: German pet Tabitha, meaning female Gazelle.
Teresia: Harvester.
Theresia: See Teresia.
Tilli: Battle maiden.
Trudi: Of the spear.
Trudy: Form of Gertrude.
Uda: See Udo.
Udo: Child, prosperity, wealth.
Ula: Pearl.
Uli: Mistress of all.
Ulli: See Uli.
Ulrika: Wolf ruler.
Ulrike: See Ulrika.
Ulva: Wolf.
Unna: Woman.
Urs: Little Bear.
Ursel: See Urs.
Ursula: See Uschi.
Uschi: Little She-Bear.
Uta: Fortunate maiden of battle.
Ute: Female of Udo meaning child.
Utta: Rich.
Vala: Singled out.
Valda: Governess and ruler.
Velma: Form of Vilhelmina.
Vera: Faith, truth.
Verena: To fear, to respect.
Viktoria: Conqueror or victory.
Viveka: Little woman.
Vreni: See Verena.
Walborg: Salvation of slain in battle.
Walburg: See Walborg.
Walburga: See Walburg.
Walda: See Waldo.
Waldeburg: See Wallburg.
Waldi: See Walda.
Waldo: King, famous ruler.
Waldtraud: Strong ruler.
Waltraud: Foreign strength.
Wanda: Wanderer.
Warren: Defender, watchman.
Wibeke: War.
Wiebke: Female of Wiebe, meaning War.
Wigburg: War protection.
Wilda: Wild.
Wilfreda: Desires peace.
Wilhelmina: Feminine of will-helmet.
Wilhelmine: See Wilhelmina.
Wilma: Bold protector.
Wilmet: Female protector.
Winifred: Peaceful friend.
Winola: Charming friend.
Xahria: Flower.
Xandi: See Xandrah.
Xandrah: Defender of mankind.
Xanthe: Yellow or fair hair.
Xanthia: Rare.
Xanthippe: Yellow horse.
Xavia: Short form of Xaviera, meaning "rare."
Xaviera: Feminine form of Xaviera, meaning "rare."
Xena: Popular culture.
Xenia: Hospitality.
Xeno: Foreign voice.
Ximena: Feminine of Ximeno.
Xiomar: Famous in battle.
Xoana: Galician, feminine form of John.
Xochiquetzal: Flower feather.
Xochitl: Flower.
Xylia: Of the forest.
Yanka: Sharp in movement.
Yseult: Female ruler of ice.
Yvette: Female cut wood.
Yvonne: See Yvette.
Zelda: Battle maid.
Zelinda: Shield of victory.
Zella: Petit form of Marcella.
Zelma: Alice, noble.
Zenzi: To spring up, grow, thrive.
Zuker: Sugar.

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