Top 10 Most Popular dog Name For Male Or Female Puppies

Many dog owners like popular dog names, and many like unique and unusual dog names. Here comes our selection of top 10 most popular dog names for your boy o r girl puppies. These names have been proved by countless dog parents, and they make good names for your beloved dogs if you dot care too popular dog names.

Top 10 Male Dog Names

Max: Maximum.

Charlie: Free man.
Buddy: Friend.
Cooper: Barrel maker.
Jack: Name based on John, which means "God is gracious." The name has a rugged, down-to-earth aura.
Rocky: Battle cry.
Toby: God is good.
Duke: Latin for Leader. Duke has Western associations because it was the nickname of actor John Wayne, known for his roles in films of the American West. Duke University teams are known as the Blue Devils.
Bear: French for "strong, brave bear", also a variant of Bernard. There are three famous medieval saints bore the name: a founder of a monastic order, the patron saint of mountain climbers, and a scholastic philosopher.
Tucker: Someone who folds cloth.

Top 10 Female Dog Names

Bella: The name Bella means beautiful or graceful, it is a diminutive of Annabella, Arabella, Belle, Isabella. It is very hot right now. Although the name Bella is a perfect girl name, if you are considering naming your daughter Bella, be aware that there are a lot of little girls whose proper names are Isabella, Arabella, and they all will be called Bella.

Lucy: Latin for Light. Also a bossy little girl in Charles Schulz's popular "Peanuts" comic strip.
Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower with a yellow disk and white rays. Often used as a nickname for Margaret. Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story.
Molly: Star of the sea, pet form of Mary.
Lola: Lola is a hot starbaby name, and the meaning of Lola is "lady of sorrows."
Sadie: Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah, which means princess in Hebrew. This name is cute and whimsical.
Maggie: Short form of Margaret, which is of Greek origin and means "pearl."
Sophie: Greek for Wisdom.
Chloe: Chloe was the summer epithet of the goddess Demeter and recalls her gift for making flowers bloom. The meaning of Chloe is "green shoot."
Bailey: In the Middle Ages, a bailiff was a minor official of the law. Old Bailey, The Central Criminal Court in London, England.

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