48 Cute And Sweet Italian Names For Male Dogs

Italian is a language of love and romance, and its words are music to the ears. Italy cities are also beautiful, for instance Venice, Romeo, or Pisa. If you want an Italian name for your Italian breeds of dogs, for example Italian Greyhound, Italian Shepherd, or Maltese, you could consider this list of cute and sweet Italian dog names. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your boy puppy.

Allegro: Merry.

Alto: Tall.
Amico: Friend.
Amore: Love.
Angelo: Angel.
Apello: Appeal.
Argento: Silver.
Aumento: Rise.
Azione: Action.
Balleto: Ballet.
Bambino: Little boy.
Bello: Nice.
Bronzo: Bronze.
Bruno: Brown haired.
Canto: Song.
Caramello: Caramel.
Carino: Cute, pretty.
Cibo: Food.
Cielo: Sky.
Cuscino: Pillow.
Divino: Divine.
Dolce: Sweet.
Eroe: Hero.
Fausto: Auspicious.
Freddo: Cold.
Fresco: Cool.
Genio: Genius.
Lupo: Wolf.
Marino: Marine.
Miracolo: Miracle.
Mistero: Mystery.

Nano: Small.
Nastro: Ribbon.
Oceono: Ocean.
Oro: Gold.
Petalo: Petal.
Piccolo: Tiny.
Prezioso: Precious.
Regalo: Gift.
Riccio: Curly.
Romeo: Adapted from city name Rome.
Rosso: Red color.
Saggio: Wise.
Sole: Sun.
Sorriso: Smile.
Splendido: Splendid.
Toro: Bull.
Uccello: Bird.

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