30 Unique Japanese Male Dog Names With Great Meanings

If you are looking for some Japanese dog names for your boy puppies, then check no more than this list. Here comes our selection of 30 unique Japanese boy dog names with great meanings. These perfect dog names are short and cool, and they have great meanings and soundings. Feel free to choose your favorite names and enjoy!

Aki: Bright, autumn.

Akimi: Beautiful autum.
Akio: Bright man.
Akira: Bright, clear.
Ame: Rain.
Aoi: Blue.
Aoki: Green tree.
Arata: New, fresh.
Daiki : Great glory, great nobility.
Fumio: Literature, scholarly hero.
Haru: Spring as in season.
Hiro: Generous.
Kaito: Ocean flying.
Katsu: Victory.
Ken: Strong, healthy.
Kenta: Large strong, healthy.
Kin: Gold.
Masa: Just, true.
Riku: Land.
Ryo: Refreshing, cool.
Sora: Sky.

Tadao: Loyal, faithful man.
Taiki: Great radiance, shine.
Takao: Nobleman.
Tomio: Wealth, fortune.
Toshi: Wise.
Yasu: Peace.
Yori: Trust.
Yoshi: Lucky, righteous.
Yuki: Happiness, snow.

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