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MeiThe youngest of sistersFemaleChinese
MiakaBeautiful redUnisexJapanese
MichikoBeautiful wise childFemaleJapanese
MiekoChild blessed with beautyFemaleJapanese
MihokoChild of protected beautyFemaleJapanese
MikaBeautiful smellFemaleJapanese
MikiBeautiful storyFemaleJapanese
MikoCrimson truthMaleJapanese
MinakoChild of the beautiful NaraFemaleJapanese
MioBeautiful cherryMaleJapanese
MisaBeautiful sandUnisexJapanese
MisaeBeautiful sand paintingUnisexJapanese
MisakoBeautiful helpful childFemaleJapanese
MitsuBearUnisexNative American
MitsukoChild of the lightFemaleJapanese
MiuBeautiful feathersUnisexJapanese
MiyoBeautiful generationFemaleJapanese
MiyokoBeautiful generation childFemaleJapanese
MiyukiSilent snowUnisexJapanese
MochaCoffee of high quality.UnisexEnglish
MomoGangster from the movie Get ShortyFemaleEnglish
MomokoPeach childFemaleJapanese
MutsukoIntimate childFemaleJapanese
NamikoWave childFemaleJapanese

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