47 Japanese Dog Names Inspired By Japanese Adjectives

When coming up to dog names, adjectives are often used as dog names, for example big, small, bright, fast, happy, gold, and black. Since dog names should fit the appearance and personalities of your dogs, these adjective-inspired dog names are suitable to describe your canines. Here comes our unique selection of 47 Japanese dog names inspired by adjectives, and they make good names for your Japanese breeds of dogs.

Abunai: Dangerous.

Akarui: Bright, light.
Amai: Sweet.
Atarashii: New.
Atatakai: Warm.
Atsui: Hot.
Chiisai: Small.
Chikai: Near.
Furui: Old.
Futoi: Thick.
Hayai: Fast, early.
Hiroi: Wide, spacious.
Hosoi: Thin.
Ii: Nice, good.
Isogashii: Busy.
Itai: Painful.
Kanashii: Sad.
Karai: Hot, spicy.
Karui: Light.
Kawaii: Lovely, cute.
Kurai: Dark.
Mijikai: Short.
Muzukashii: Difficult.
Nagai: Long.
Oishii: Delicious, tasty.
Omoi: Heavy.
Omoshiroi: Interesting, fun.
Ooi: Many, a lot.
Ookii: Big, large.
Osoi: Slow, late.

Samui: Cold.
Semai: Narrow.
Sukunai: Few, a little.
Suzushii: Cool.
Takai: Expensive, high, tall.
Tanoshii: Enjoyable, joyful.
Tooi: Far.
Tsumaranai: Uninteresting, boring.
Tsumetai: Cold.
Tsuyoi: Strong.
Ureshii: Happy, glad.
Urusai: Noisy.
Usui: Thin.
Wakai: Young.
Yasashii: Easy, gentle.
Yasui: Inexpensive, cheap.
Yowai: Weak.

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