24 Simple and Unique Japanese Dog Names

If you adopted a new puppy of Japanese dog breeds, for instance Akita, Shiba Inu, Japanese Chin, Japanese Sitz and Tosa. You could consider naming him or her with a Japanese name. Here comes a list of 24 Japanese dog names with great meanings, and they are easy to pronounce and spell. These names come from Japanese first names, and they have great meanings or annotations in Japanese language and culture.

Simple Japanese Girl Dog Names

Amai: Sweet.

Akiko: Autumn.
Chou: Butterfly.
Emi: Beautiful blessing.
Hana: Flower.
Hoshi: Star.
Kaori: Fragrant.
Mai: Dance.
Mariko: Child.
Rei: Lovely.
Rina: Jasmine.
Sakura: Cherry blossom.

Simple Japanese Boy Dog Names

Arata: Fresh.

Haruki: Sunshine.
Kaito: Ocean.
Kenji: Study.
Masaru: Victory.
Naoki: Honest.
Sentaro: Steel.
Shigeru: Luxuriant.
Sora: Sky.
Takashi: Noble.
Tsubasa: Winged.
Yuki: Happiness.
Yuma: Leisurely.

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