44 Japanese Dog Names Inspired By Colors

Color names are often used as dog names, and they are usually good names because they reflect coat colors of your dogs, for instance Ebony, Ash, Ruby, Scarlet, Goldie, Ginger, Brown, and Fawn. When coming up to Japanese dog names, you could also consider these color names, the difference is that these names are unique and cool because they have different spellings and soundings. Trust me, these colorful Japanese dog names are good, you could try one of these cool names, for example Aka, Chairo, Giniro,  Haiiro, Kiniro, Kuro, Midori, and Shiro.

Aiiro: Indigo color.

Aka: Red.
Ao: Blue.
Aoni: Blue black crayfish.
Aonibi: Dull blue.
Asagi: Light yellow.
Benihi: Blood red.
Birodo: Velvet.
Biwacha: Loquat.
Botan: Tree peony.
Chairo: Brown.
Ebicha: Maroon.
Edocha: Red-brown.
Futaai: Dark indigo.
Giniro: Silver.
Ginshu: Greyed red.
Haiiro: Grey.
Hanada: Light blue silk.
Hiwacha: Finch-brown.
Kihada: Amur cork tree.
Kiiro: Yelow.
Kincha: Golden brown.

Kiniro: Gold.
Kobicha: Brown-nosers' brown.
Kogecha: Scorched brown.
Kon: Dark blue.
Kuro: Black.
Midori: Green.
Mirucha: Simmered seaweed.
Mizuiro: Light blue.
Moegi: Fresh onion.
Murasaki: Violet, purple.
Orenji: Orange.
Otan: Ochre.
Pinku: Pink.
Shikon: Blue violet.
Shiro: White.
Sohi: Overdyed red-brown.
Suo: Sappanwood.
Suoko: Sappanwood incense.
Tonocha: Polished brown.
Too: Gamboge.
Usuao: Pale blue.
Usuko: Pale incense.

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