45 Unique Japanese Dog Names With Meanings

Japanese dog names are different, they are always cool and exotic for your pups. If you or your dogs have Japanese heritage, you could consider choosing a Japanese name for your boy or girl puppies. Here comes our pick of 45 unique Japanese dog names, along with their meanings. These names are often used for dog names in Japan, if you like any of them do not hesitate to use it as your canine moniker.

Aka - Red.
Ame - Rain or Candy.
Anko - Red Bean Paste.
Ao - Blue.
Chibi - Cute and Small.
Fuji - Type of flower, or Mt. Fuji.
Gin - Silver.
Hana - Flower.
Honou - Flame.
Ichigo - Strawberry.
Kabuto - Japanese armor.
Katana - Japanese sword.
Kibou - Hope.
Kin - Gold.
Kokoro - Heart.
Koro - Onomatopoeia for rolling.
Kotaro - Small child.
Kumo - Cloud, or Spider.
Kuro - Black.
Midori - Green.
Mikan - Orange fruit.
Mizu - Water.
Mochi - Sticky Rice.
Momo - Peach.
Niji - Rainbow.
Ocha - Japanese tea.
Ran - Orchid.
Riki - Strength.
Rin - Onomatopoeia for the sound of bells.
Ringo - Apple.
Ryu - Dragon.
Sakura - Cherry Blossom.
Shiro - White.
Sora - Sky.
Sumi - Japanese black ink used for calligraphy.
Sushi - Japanese delicacy.
Taiyou - Sun.
Tenshi - Angel.
Tora - Tiger.
Wan - Onomatopoeia for a dog's bark.
Wasabi - Spicy horse radish.
Yuki - Snow.
Yume - Dream.
Yuuki - Courage.
Yuzu - Citrus Fruit.

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