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RascalOne that is playfully mischievousUnisexEnglish
RockyBattle cryMaleGermanic
RoninLittle sealMaleGaelic
RoscoeRoe deer woodMaleNorse
SalemSecure, peaceUnisexArabic
ScooterOne who goes suddenly and speedily.UnisexEnglish
SeamusForm Of James Supplanter.MaleEnglish
ShastaName of a Native American tribeFemaleNative American
ShelbyA place where willows growFemaleAmerican English
SmudgeA blotch or smearUnisexEnglish
SnickersA brand of candy bar.UnisexEnglish
SootyCovered with sootUnisexEnglish
SpiritPart of the human being associated with the mind. Vigorous or animated state - spirited. Also distilled alcohol.UnisexEnglish
SunshineLight from the sunUnisexEnglish
TaliaDew of GodFemaleHebrew
TequilaAn alcoholic liquor distilled from mescal.UnisexEnglish

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