10 Cool Dog Names After Superhero Canines

Your dog companion can be your super hero, and they lead the blind, find explosives and rescue people. Some of our best friends go even further, and they are playing as the superheroes with amazing superpowers and rocking awesome capes.

If you are looking for a superhero name for your new adopted puppies, check out this list of 10 canine superheroes from comics, films and TV series.


Ace the Bat-Hound was the canine crime-fighting partner of Batman and Robin in DC Comics of the 1950s and 1960s. After engraver John Wilker is kidnapped by counterfeiters, Batman decides to use his dog to help find him.


Amaterasu is a fictional character based on Japanese mythology from Capcom's okami video game. She is a white wolf that is actually the goddess of the sun.


Dynomutt was an effective robot dog, and he was the assistant of the Batman-esque super hero, the Blue Falcon. Dynomutt can produce a seemingly infinite number of mechanical devices from his body.


Sergeant Kemlo "Hyperdog" Caesar is a super intelligent, talking doberman in a man-shaped robotic exoskeleton. Kemlo is a humorous and kind individual, hiding his feelings of inadequacy at being a dog in a human world.


K-9 was Doctor Who's robot companion in the long-running British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. He starred in his own series of books, sans The Doctor, and even has his own TV show in Australia. In his eponymous show, K-9 travels to 2050 where he, a mad scientists and some teenagers protect the world from alien invasions and battle a dystopian governmental agency. Also, K-9 gets the ability to fly!


Krypto also known as Superdog is a fictional character. He is Superman's pet dog in the various Superman comic books published by DC Comics. Krypto's first appearance was in a Superboy story in Adventure Comics #210 in March 1955. Although Krypto's breed is never specifically stated in the comic books, Krypto was drawn as a white dog of generic pedigree.


Lockjaw is a fictional bulldog-like being appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, he is a superhero and has the capability of teleportation. After an encounter with Mr. Fantastic, Lockjaw decides to search for the Infinity Gems. He leaves his cushy life as a royal pet, and gathers a team of animal superheroes.


Hong Kong Phooey is a clownishly clumsy secret identity of Penrod "Penry" Pooch, working at a police station as a "mild-mannered" janitor under the glare of Sergeant Flint. Whenever he hears of a crime he ducks into a filing cabinet, changes into his Hong Kong Phooey costume, hops in his "Phooeymobile" and races to stop the bad guys with his "Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu."


Rex the Wonder Dog is a fictional dog in the DC Comics universe. He was a test subject for a super soldier serum, but unfortunately the scientist who experimented on him was killed by Nazis, so Rex was his only success. Not only did Rex fight in WWII, Korea and for the French Foreign Legion, he went on to become a detective, circus performer, forest ranger, stunt dog, bullfighter, astronaut and fire chief.


Underdog was a super-powered cartoon character from the 2007 American live-action comedy film of the same name. He was the superhero alter ego of Shoeshine Boy, rushes about to rescue Sweet Polly Purebred from the evil Simon Bar Sinister or Riff Raff. And he did it all in rhyme.

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