36 Sounding Dog Names after Famous Hero Dogs

Dogs are our best friends. If you treat your dog well, he will be your buddy and partner, he knows what you thought and he will help you with the work you are doing. He will do everything he can to rescue you in case of emergency, even if he will lose his life.

Each dog listed here is a honored hero with sounding and unique name. There are several heart-warming stories under each dog name. Let's pay our respects to these incredible Canine Heroes by naming our new puppies after one of these heroic dog names.


Anna woke her owner and then nudged her outside before the roof collapsed when a fire broke out in the house.


Angel rescued a woman and her two-year-old son against a robber with a knife.


Antis was the first foreign dog to receive the Dickin Medal for services during World War II.


Beauty was another dog who received the Dickin Award as well as a silver collar.


Berry barked a charging moose backed and protected her pregnant owner.


Billy received the PDSA Gold Medal for his work during the 2005 London Underground terrorist attacks.


Boris rescued a woman who was unconcious and blue with cold by ledding his owner to her.


Buffy defended his owner when he was held up at gunpoint, later the brave dog died sadly.


Carmen revived her elderly owner by pulling at her sleeve and then led her from the house while the room filled with noxious fumes.


Charco is a noted search and rescue dog who has saved people after earthquakes in both Pakistan and Algeria.


Dante was credited by police as befriending a man who allegedly set out to embark on a widespread killing spree.


Echo and his owner were on a canoeing trip. The weather turned bad and the canoe capsized, but Echo stayed with his owner and kept her warm with his body temperature until they were rescued.


Foxy used her body heat to keep her elderly owner warm when her owner slipped and fell, breaking her lip, and was unable to get up. The dog keep barking to attract attention and then neigbors arrived to call an ambulance.


George protected five young children from an attack by two aggressive pitbulls. Sadly, the brave little terrier lost his life.


Hero pulled the wheelchair of her paralyzed owner free of the mud when the wheelchair was stuck in the middle of a muddy field.


Honey saved her owner after a car accident. After managing to free herself from the wreck, Honey walked 1/2 a mile and managed to get the attention of a man who followed her back to the crash site.


Jake became a national hero after burrowing through "white-hot, smoking debris" in search of survivors at the World Trade Center.


Jet was another Civil Defence dog, and he was awarded the Dickin Medal for rescuing people trapped under blitzed buildings in London.


Judy saved the lives of countless sailors by warning of the approach of enemy aircraft.


When a fire broke out in the middle of the night, Junior raised the alarm and kept on barking until the whole family had safely escaped the blaze.


Kaiser jumped to his rescue when his dog sitter was attacked by a knife, he had a knife wound and lost a lot of blood. Fortunately He was rushed into surgery and made a full recovery.


When a fire started, Leo saved the lives of four kittens.


Lex is a war dog who was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded on active duty in Iraq.


Lucky sniffed out $6 million worth of pirated DVD's while on secondment to the Malaysian government


Police dog Max traced two wanted criminals and eventually forced them into a tree and held them there until backup arrived.


Nemo kept going at the enemy until support arrived when he had a bullet wound to the head during Vietnam War. He even made a recovery although blinded in one eye.


Oscar rescued her elderly owner from heat stroke by barking and made such a noise to attract attention.


Peter was another dog who was awarded the Dickin Medal for locating victims trapped under blitzed buildings.


Rex was a rescue dog who was awarded the Dickin Medal for his work in rescuing people from burning buildings.


Despite taking a bullet in his paw, Rocky the police dog captured a burglar. Happily, Rocky made a full recovery from his injury.


Sam is a heroic military dog who disarmed a gunman and on another kept a 50 strong mob at bay.


Sassy saved a baby fallen into the pond by swimming in circles around the baby and crying.


Shadow is a Rottweiler who plowed into the wolves driving them off and saved three children from serious injury.


Smoky pulled telephone wires through a 70 ft pipe on one occasion, just 8 inches in diameter.


Thunder was one of the Search and Rescue Dogs searching for survivors in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Toby saved his owner from choking by jumping on her chest to dislodge a piece of apple from her throat.

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