35 Cool Dog Names Based on Drinks

Drinks are our daily favorites, our lives were absolutely monotonous and uneventful if we do not have drinks. If you are a dog owner, why not consider choosing a drink-inspired name for your male or female puppy. Dog names based on drinks are more popular than you think. Here comes our selection of 35 cool dog names based on drinks include beers, wines, teas, coffees, soft drinks, mixed drinks and brands. We do not add those long names because they are too complicated for dogs. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your pups.

Abita - Beer.
Ale - Beer.
Alize - Liqueur.
Avicon - Tequila.
Bacardi - Rum.
Bean - Coffee Been.
Bourbon - Whiskey.
Brandy - Wine.
Busch - Beer.
Cava - Sparkling Wine.
Chianti - Wine.
Cinnamon - Tea.
Cola - Soda.
Corona - Beer.
Cosmo - Martini.
Fanta - Soda.
Fresca - Soda.
Gibson - Mixed Drink.
Harp - Beer.
Java - Coffee.
Kaluha - Liqueur.
Kona - Coffee.
Lagar - Beer.
Latte - Coffee.
Merlot - Wine.
Mead - Honey wine.
Mocha - Coffee.
Moxie - Soda.
Muggs - Soda.
Pepsi - Soda.
Sake - Japanese Wine.
Sage - Herbal Tee.
Sherry - Liqueur.
Syrah - Wine.
Toddy - Mixed Drink.

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