170 Unique Coolest and Hippest Male Dog Names

Many of the dog owners like unique dog names, but it is not easy to find an absolutely unique dog name. We have pulled together a list of 170 cool male dog names, all of them are almost the best of its own perspective. They will be cool and hipper enough if you like cool and unique dog names. Check out the below list and find your favorite name for your boy puppies.

Abdullah: A royal name in Saudi Arabia.

Ace: Number one.
Adonis: Extremely good looking.
Alpha: The first letter of the Greek alphabet.
Andreas: Greek for Man.
Aspen: A strong name for a pooch that might have assertive tendencies.
Atlas: A mythical Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders.
Attila: Hungarian for Father-like.
Beau: French for Handsome.
Beauregard: French for "beautiful gaze".
Beefcake: Somebody really ripped and muscular.
Beijing: The capital of the People's Republic of China.
Bentley: The luxurious English cars nowadays.
Blizzard: A severe winter storm condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snow.
Bo: Nickname of William.
Bogart: Dutch for "apple garden".
Bolero: A genre of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance.
Boone: French for Good.
Bossman: A hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland.
Brando: Fiery torch.
Bubba: Means Brother in American slang.
Buckaroo: A cowboy of the Great Basin and California region of the United States.
Bullet: A projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, or air gun.
Bungee: Bungee jumping is an adventure sport.
Cabo: Spanish for Cape.
Cagney: Gaelic for "grandson of advocate".
Cairo: Arabic for Victorious and Planet Mars. Also the name of the capital of Egypt.
Capone: Al Capone was a famous American gangster, also known as simply Capone.
Caramba: Spanish for interjection.
Dakota: A Native American tribe and First Nations people in North America.
DiMaggio: Three American-born DiMaggio brothers who all played in Major League Baseball as center fielders.
Dimples: An interesting facial feature.
Disco: A genre of music, incorporating elements of funk, soul music, and salsa.
Doodad: Small man-made objects about the size of a cellular phone.
Doogie: Dark water.
Duce: An Italian title, the leader.
Dudley: People's field.
Durango: A state and its capital city in Mexico.
Eagle: A large bird of prey.
Edge: A line or border at which a surface terminates.
Elvis: A mononym of Elvis Presley, an American singer.
Epic: Heroic.
Escapade: A reckless adventure or wild prank.
Espresso: A strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure.
Esprit: Sprightliness of spirit or wit.
Fable: A story intended to illustrate a moral.
Falcon: A bird of prey.
Fandango: A style of folk and flamenco music and dance, similar to bolero and seguidilla.
Fang: A canine tooth.
Fiesta: Spanish for Carnival. A perfect happy dog name.
Fiji: The island nation in the Pacific Ocean.
Flash: A very brief moment.
Frankie: Frenchman.
Gangsta: Gangster rap.
Genesis: The first book in the Old Testament, and tells of the story of the creation of the world.
Genghis: Genghis Khan was a 13th-century military leader from Mongolia.
Gino: Short form of Ambrogino which means"ever-living" in Greek.
Guido: Italian for Leader.
Gumdrop: A sweet and chewy idea for small breed of pup.
Hamlet: The Danish prince in Shakespeare's book.
Happy: Cheerful.
Havana: The capital city of Cuba.
Hemingway: Ernest Hemingway was an American writer and journalist.
Hollywood: A district of Los Angeles, California, which lent its name to the American motion-picture industry.
Hooch: Alcoholic beverages.
Houdini: Harry Houdini was a famous magician and escape artist.
Hubba: A ninth-century Viking.
Indigo: The color between blue and violet.
Infinity: Infinite space, time, or quantity.
Jade: The semiprecious green stone.
Jake: A young male wild turkey.
Java: The main island of Indonesia.
Jaws: Anything resembling a pair of jaws. A cool tough dog name.
Jazz: A genre of music that originated in African American communities.
Jedi: A monastic, spiritual, and academic organization in the fictional Star Wars universe.
Jelly-Belly: Jelly Belly Candy Company, manufacture Jelly Belly jelly beans and other candy.

Kahlua: A coffee-flavored rum-based liqueur from Mexico.
Kahuna: Hawaiian for Wizard.
Keno: A lottery-like or bingo-like gambling game.
Khan: Arabic for Prince.
Killer: Killer whale.
Kodiak: An island in the N Pacific, near the base of the Alaska Peninsula.
Kona: A popular town in Hawaii.
Lance: French for Land.
Lefty: A left-handed person.
Legend: A historical narrative, a symbolic representation of folk belief.
Lexis: German for "man's defender".
Liberace: An American pianist and entertainer.
Lobo: The gray or timber wolf of the western U.S.
Lodi: A city in central California, near Sacramento.
Loverboy: A Canadian rock band.
Maestro: Italian for Master, a term of respect used particularly in the international music world.
Neptune: Roman god of the sea.
Nero: Roman Emperor from 54 to 68.
Nevada: Spanish for Snowfall.
Nikita: People of victory.
Ninja: A secret agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war.
Nitro: Engine powered with a fuel.
Odin: The chief god of Norse mythology, identified with art and culture, war, and the dead.
Omaha: A Native American tribe that currently resides in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Nebraska.
Omega: The last letter in the Greek alphabet.
Ozzie: God's power.
Panache: A word of French origin that carries the connotation of flamboyant manner and reckless courage.
Panama: A famous canal through the isthmus.
Pancho: A male nickname for Francisco or Francis.
Pantera: A heavy metal band.
Peanut: A species in the pea family Fabaceae.
Porsche: The glamorous German sports car.
Primo: Italian for First.
Rage: An intense form of anger.
Rain: A rainfall.
Rainer: Deciding warrior.
Rambo: An exceptionally tough and aggressive character in the Rambo saga that uses violence to solve problems.
Ramses: Egyptian for "the sun god".
Reno: The Biggest Little City in the World, famous for its casinos.
Renoir: Auguste Renoir was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.
Ringo: A sport played mainly in Poland.
Rio: Portuguese for River.
Rip: The act of tearing an object.
River: A flowing body of water.
Rocket: An engine that creates thrust from a high speed exhaust jet.
Rodeo: A traditional North American sport. The name with connotations of cowboys and the Wild West.
Rogue: A dishonest, knavish person.
Romeo: The tragic young hero in the famous romance "Romeo and Juliet".
Roulette: A popular game of chance in casinos.
Rowdy: The mascot of the Dallas Cowboys NFL franchise.
Rufus: Latin for Red-haired.
Saber: French for Sword.
Sable: A mammal in the mustelid family.
Safari: An overland journey.
Sage: Healing herb.
Sahara: One of the world's large deserts.
Salem: Hebrew for Peace.
Salsa: A fusion of Cuban musical styles.
Santana: A blend of Saint and Anna, after the fashion of Sinclair.
Santiago: The capital city of Chile.
Sarge: Officer.
Savannah: A type of grassland.
Schnapps: Strong alcoholic drink resembling gin and often flavored with fruit.
Scooby: Scooby-Doo is a male dog and lifelong companion of amateur detective Shaggy Rogers.
Shasta: A potentially active volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California.
Shiloh: Hebrew for "His gift".
Sinbad: The witty and ingenious merchant adventurer in the "Arabian Nights" who came home rich from his voyages.
Skidoo: Ski-Doo is a brand of snowmobiles produced by Bombardier Recreational Products.
Slash: Velvet Revolver guitarist and former Guns N' Roses guitarist.
Souffle: A light, fluffy, baked dish made with egg yolks.
Spike: A sharp-pointed piece of metal set with the point outward. The name has cool connotations.
Spirit: A fairy, sprite, or elf.
Twain: Mark Twain was a famous American humorist writer.
Ukiah: A town in Mendocino County in Northern California.
Ulysses: The clever and resourceful hero of Homer's "Odyssey".
Unity: Oneness of mind, feeling, etc.
Valiant: Boldly courageous.
Vargas: A spectre assassin in the novel Thunderball.
Vegas: Spanish for "fertile valleys".
Velvet: A particular kind of soft fabric.
Virtue: A trait valued as being good.
Voyager: One of a series of U.S. space probes that obtained scientific information while flying by the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.
Wahoo: A dark blue scombrid fish.
Wasabe: Also called Japanese horseradish, its stem is used as a condiment and has an extremely strong pungency.
Wheelie: A vehicle maneuver in which the front wheel or wheels come off the ground.
Whiskey: An alcoholic beverage.
Whitney: White island.
Woodstock: Wooden fence.
Wookie: A UK garage musician
Wyatt: War strength.
Yoda: A character in the Star Wars movie series.
Yogi: A practitioner of yoga.
Yukon: The territory between Alaska and the Northwest Territories, famous for its gold and its cold.
Zeke: American hardcore punk band from Tacoma, WA.

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