August Dog Names: 13 Cool Dog Names For August

August is hot and humid, but it's also the time for holidays. It is still the most beautiful time we expected. If you have a new puppy due in August, you could give him or her a August-inspired dog name. Check out the below list for some cool dog names inspired by the month.

Alania: Celtic name meaning "harmony, peace."

Augie: Latin name meaning "August, dignified, holy."
August: The month name August means "great, magnificient". Variant forms: Augustinus, Augusta, Augustina, Augustin, Augustine, Austin, Auguste, Augusto and Agostino.
Destan: French surname means "by the still waters."
Gus: Short form of Augustine or Augustus, and the meaning of Gus is majestic.
Gussie: Diminutive of Augustus or Augusta.
Leo: The astrological sign for much of August.
Luana: Hawaiian name meaning "joyous, happy, contented, relaxed."
Noa: French name meaning "restful."
Peridot: The birthstone for august, known for its protective, healing and strengthening qualities.
Poppy: The birth flower of August. in britain, poppy is known as the flower of remembrance.
Gladiolus: The flower of August.
Sebastia: Greek name meaning "August."

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